Apple Prepares for Worldwide Developers Conference in June

Apple have been silent in 2013 until last week, when they announced that they will be holding their Worldwide Developers Conference which is also known as WWDC from June 10-14. The WWDC is a conference held every year, traditionally in June where over 4000 developers arrive and discuss about future software and programs. This time it is being held in San Francisco.

How to Unlock your iPhone 4S in Less Than 10 Minutes at a very Cheap Price

Buying iPhones locked to a specific carrier such as AT&T is much cheaper than buying factory unlocked iPhones. Locked iPhone's will only work if you use the carriers SIM and will not support any other SIM while unlocked iPhone's will work with any SIM

But a smooth way of saving money is buying a locked iPhone and then unlocking it yourself at a very low price. You can save upto $400. Unlocking your iPhone yourself is legal, you don't have to jailbreak, takes very little time, and has a very small fee.

Cellular Medic is a trustable and cheap online service among the other hundreds of services that say that they can unlock iPhone's. I tried, and it was a huge success! It really works and is not a scam. You may find other services on the internet that may be legit and cheaper, but you will always be on risk by trying new services. There are many cheap services on eBay as well. Trust me, cellular medic won't let you down.

Cellular Medic has two options, the Instant Unlock and the Normal Unlock. If you buy the Instant Unlock package then your iPhone will be processed in less than 10 minutes but at a bigger fee than the normal package. If you buy the Normal Package it may take 24-48 hours for your iPhone to be processed but is cheaper than the Instant Unlock Package. For exact prices please visit Cellular Medic's website.

This is how it all works:
  • Visit their website and choose the type of unlock you want---- Instant or Normal
  • Pay through PayPal and also send them your IMEI code of your iPhone. To see what the IMEI of your iPhone is you can dial *#06#
  • Wait for Cellular Medic to email you back confirming your IMEI code. Activate it.
  • Your iPhone should then be unlocked for whatever timeframe you had chosen.

That's it. The best thing about this is that the Unlock is permanent, and has no need for a jailbreak. You don't even need any special SIM Card. It just works.

If you plan on selling your iPhone in the future you will be able to sell it for a higher price than a locked iPhone. You can increase the price by 0.75%

Do you have an on contract iPhone? Which carrier? Do you want to unlock it? If you have already unlocked it then how much did you pay? Please tell us in the comments below.

How to Activate Incognito Mode on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad

Many people use the incognito function on their browers for their computers, but now, you can even use incognito for your Apple Device as well.

Incognito mode, also referred to as stealth mode prevents the brower or device from saving your surfing or downloading history, cache, and cookies. Using incognito, all your saved passwords and other saved data immediately gets deleted the second you close the tab or window that you set in incognito mode. You can set incognito mode for a tab or a specific window easily by following the steps below. All you will need is the Google Chrome browser installed into your portable device.

Apple Releases iPlay, The New Gaming Console

Apple is on top of everything in technology, now it has also entered the gaming zone. Sources at IGN tell us that Apple have introduced a new gaming console, the iPlay. Sony is planning to launch the PS4 any time this year and XBox will most probably be doing the same thing although they still haven't talked about any new console yet, and now it seems like Apple wants to join the competition as well.


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