Apple Prepares for Worldwide Developers Conference in June

Apple have been silent in 2013 until last week, when they announced that they will be holding their Worldwide Developers Conference which is also known as WWDC from June 10-14. The WWDC is a conference held every year, traditionally in June where over 4000 developers arrive and discuss about future software and programs. This time it is being held in San Francisco.

How to Unlock your iPhone 4S in Less Than 10 Minutes at a very Cheap Price

Buying iPhones locked to a specific carrier such as AT&T is much cheaper than buying factory unlocked iPhones. Locked iPhone's will only work if you use the carriers SIM and will not support any other SIM while unlocked iPhone's will work with any SIM

But a smooth way of saving money is buying a locked iPhone and then unlocking it yourself at a very low price. You can save upto $400. Unlocking your iPhone yourself is legal, you don't have to jailbreak, takes very little time, and has a very small fee.

Cellular Medic is a trustable and cheap online service among the other hundreds of services that say that they can unlock iPhone's. I tried, and it was a huge success! It really works and is not a scam. You may find other services on the internet that may be legit and cheaper, but you will always be on risk by trying new services. There are many cheap services on eBay as well. Trust me, cellular medic won't let you down.

Cellular Medic has two options, the Instant Unlock and the Normal Unlock. If you buy the Instant Unlock package then your iPhone will be processed in less than 10 minutes but at a bigger fee than the normal package. If you buy the Normal Package it may take 24-48 hours for your iPhone to be processed but is cheaper than the Instant Unlock Package. For exact prices please visit Cellular Medic's website.

This is how it all works:
  • Visit their website and choose the type of unlock you want---- Instant or Normal
  • Pay through PayPal and also send them your IMEI code of your iPhone. To see what the IMEI of your iPhone is you can dial *#06#
  • Wait for Cellular Medic to email you back confirming your IMEI code. Activate it.
  • Your iPhone should then be unlocked for whatever timeframe you had chosen.

That's it. The best thing about this is that the Unlock is permanent, and has no need for a jailbreak. You don't even need any special SIM Card. It just works.

If you plan on selling your iPhone in the future you will be able to sell it for a higher price than a locked iPhone. You can increase the price by 0.75%

Do you have an on contract iPhone? Which carrier? Do you want to unlock it? If you have already unlocked it then how much did you pay? Please tell us in the comments below.

How to Activate Incognito Mode on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad

Many people use the incognito function on their browers for their computers, but now, you can even use incognito for your Apple Device as well.

Incognito mode, also referred to as stealth mode prevents the brower or device from saving your surfing or downloading history, cache, and cookies. Using incognito, all your saved passwords and other saved data immediately gets deleted the second you close the tab or window that you set in incognito mode. You can set incognito mode for a tab or a specific window easily by following the steps below. All you will need is the Google Chrome browser installed into your portable device.

Apple Releases iPlay, The New Gaming Console

Apple is on top of everything in technology, now it has also entered the gaming zone. Sources at IGN tell us that Apple have introduced a new gaming console, the iPlay. Sony is planning to launch the PS4 any time this year and XBox will most probably be doing the same thing although they still haven't talked about any new console yet, and now it seems like Apple wants to join the competition as well.

Download Free MP3 Songs Directly to Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod

Most probably the reason you are reading this article is because you want to skip connecting your iDevice to your PC, downloading the song, transferring it to iTunes, then syncing your device just for getting a single song. Ain't Nobody got time for that.

Forget about doing all that just to get some songs inside your Apple Device. There is this one easy method that you can use to download any song you want, directly into your iDevice, without connecting your device to iTunes or a PC.

How to Get or Remove the Android Lock for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

The Android Lock is a cool Screen lock that can also be set on your iDevice if it has been jailbroken. Many of you might already be familiar with the common Android lock which is present in all Android Devices. Not many Apple developers like to copy off features from Android, but thsi screen lock is awesome and is a must try for those who are bored of typing that 4 digit code into their iPhone screen lock.

The iPhone Wins Another JD Power and Associates Award for the Best Smartphone of The Year

The JD Power Associates Award for the Best Smartphone of the year without a doubt is the iPhone, again. This is the 9th time in a row that Apple has one this award. Apple has been winning this award ever since the original iPhone came out, the year that started the Smartphone development years.

The Secret Assistive Touch Feature in iOS 5+

The Assistive Touch feature was released with the introduction of iOS 5. Even though iOS 6 is now out and working many people are still unaware of Assistive Touch. To tell you before hand, assistive touch is a very helpful on screen button that allows you to control various functions of your device. Keep reading for a better understanding.

Apple Releases iOS 6.1.3 Update

Yesterday, on Tuesday Apple released their latest iOS update 6.1.3 which is a minor update fixing small bugs in their software.

To be exact, the two main reasons why Apple released this minor update was to
  • Fix a bug for Maps in Japan
  • Fix a bug in which someone could access the phone without entering a passcode. This was done by going to the emergency call and then going back while flickering the On/Off button.

Its not a necessary update though, you can certainly live without it if you don't live in Japan or don't really care if someone enters your phone app. It's a minor update but if you do update with your jailbreaked iDevice, then I'm sad to say that your jailbreak will finish. You will then have to jailbreak your device again, and the jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3 is not here yet. So if you are one of those who have jailbreaked your device then I advise you not to update.

If you want to jailbreak your Apple Device or want to get more info about jailbreaking go to the jailbreaking description.

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Why iPad Mini Is Still Top Draw For Tablets

When it comes to picking out your new tablet, it can sometimes make you wonder whether you should go with the most well known and choose an iPad, or if you can find a better deal elsewhere. However, from our own experiences we think that in this case, sticking to Apple is the best choice and we are going to look into just why the iPad is the best choice.

iPhone 5S and Lower Cost iPhone Rumored to be Released Soon

According to a Japanese blog known as Macotakara has published that Apple Inc. are working on the iPhone 5S as well as another lower cost iPhone model. Macotakara has been quite accurate with giving out details in the past and this time they say that the iPhone 5S is scheduled to come out this August.

Even though the iPhone 5 has only been out for a few months now, Apple is starting to work on their next model of the iPhone pretty soon, maybe to counter the soon to be released Samsung Galaxy S4. Many rumors are floating around in the internet about the iPhone 5S, and the most controversial thing about it is the date. Some say that it is going to be released in August while others say that it will be introduced in 2014. It has also been reported that a lower cost iPhone is also something Apple wants to release.

Evasi0n Jailbreak Downloaded More than 7 Million Times in 4 Days

Yes, the new evasi0n jailbreaking tool has been downloaded for more than 7 million times in only 4 days. In the first 10 minutes after release there were more than 100,000 downloads. The reason for this success is because the jailbreak was delayed and these millions of people were waiting for a jailbreak to be available. Then when it was finally available, everyone tried to download it as soon as possible. Another reason could be that Apple sold millions of iDevices in 2012 as well.

Jailbreak For iOS 6 Available Now | Cydia is Flooded

The long awaited iOS 6 jailbreak is now available to all the Apple Devices including the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini. There were a lot of fake jailbreaks available on the Internet in the past couple of months but now the evasi0n  dev team. They introduced their own tool which makes Jailbreaking very easy and simple. All you need is a computer, Apple device, and the USB cable.

The Story of How Apple Inc. Was Created

Apple Inc. is the one of the leading companies that make Consumer Electronics and Computers. It's well known devices include the iPhone Smartphone, iPad Tablet, iPod Music Player, and the Macintosh Computer. Millions of people globally use these products to run their normal lives. Here is the story of how Apple Inc. first began and how it prospered to what it is today.

Make An Apple or Android App For Non Technical People

You might have visited the iOS App Store or the Android Market. There you can find thousands of Apps, some for free while others are paid. These people, or the creators of these apps earn money for each and every single download that they get. Read on to find out how you can make your own Apple or Android app, and then make a profit.

Want To Jailbreak iOS 6? Too Bad the Jailbreak is Not Here Yet

After the Christmas and New Year Holidays many people have been wanting to find a jailbreak for their new iPhone 5 that has iOS 6. People using jailbroken devices in the past have had many advantages over the non jailbroken users. They have used their device to the fullest. But now, with their new iPhone 5 having iOS 6 will have to live without the luxury of a jailbroken device, at least for a while.

Which Smartphone Should you Buy? iPhone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S3

When you get the money in your hands and want to choose a new smartphone, the two main competitors that you will find are the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3. The main differences are in the specs and the operating system of both devices.

How to Install AppCake, the Best Installous Alternative

The greatest Cracked Apps Society 'Installous' has shut down. Hackulous has shut down their servers for good now and many people that used to Jailbreak their Apple Device just to get paid apps for free do not have to worry. For more details view this article about why Installous shut down. The best Installous Alternative is AppCake.

The iOS Jailbreak App Installous Shuts Down

The well known and the best jailbreaking app 'Installous' has shut down for good this time. Users that had jailbroken their Apple Devices so that they can get free apps and themes for their iPhone using Cydia and Installous will be heart broken while reading this article. Installous was one or should I say only reason why many people used to jailbreak their Apple device.


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