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If you think that you are good at writing and have a lot of experience regarding Apple Devices then you are perfect to become another writer for this blog. If you are interested then contact Submit your application and it is advised that you send a sample article to us as well. We will review your application and I hope you will join us soon!

Guest Blogging: Write for Us

If you are interested into writing articles for us then make sure you follow all the requirements that are needed before you contact us and send us your blog. 


The article has to be unique and the written quality should be good. There should be completely no copyrighted material from anywhere. All articles have to be original and must not be found anywhere on the internet. Before we read your article, we will check to see if it is genuine or not. All the content must be written clearly and should have a good flow in it. We are very strict with what we accept and will not accept wrong grammar, shortened words ( ur, u, y, b4 etc. ), and must be written in proper English. Do not repeat sentences and make sure the article does not contain anything off topic.


All articles have to have a professional format. All headings must have a larger font size and must be in bold. Special terms must be written in italic and in apostrophe's. Every article must be at least 400 words in length. Every article must have at least 2 pictures attached to it and the pictures should be given with proper placement. The color of the text should remain black or in exceptional cases grey. Only proper links should be added after double checking the URL. Broken links will not be tolerated.

What we Return:

In return we will accept that you give us two back links to your website or blog which should be included in the article when handed over to us. Make sure the back links are proper. Again, broken links are not tolerated. 

Or if you would like to add an 'About the author' paragraph at the end of the article you may include that instead of the back links. Make sure the 'About the author' paragraph is short and catchy. The paragraph should include:
1. Your Name
2. Who you are/what you do
3. Your website or product link
4. Why you write guest articles

How to contact us:

Visit our contact page at Follow the steps and we hope that we receive your article soon. Thank You!

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