iPad Mini: What's New?

Finally Apple have released the awaited for iPad Mini. The name describes it best. This new device is just like the younger brother of the iPad 2. The iPad Mini has a perfect size for those who don't want a data connection, but need a tablet for reading eBooks or surfing the web. The iPad Mini can easily be held with one hand and is the lightest tablet yet, lighter and bigger than its two big competitors the Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle HD.

Differences Between iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S

The new iPhone 5 has been released for almost a month now but the question that many people still have in mind is 'What are the differences between the iPhone 5 and my old iPhone 4S'. This article will tell and explain the different changes that have been brought to the iPhone 5. Apple has released a new device for a nice reason, and the reason is to bring change to what the whole world is using. The iPhone 5 holds great abilities which have been added or have been enhanced to the iPhone 4S.

Best iPad Apps For Business Use

For any business controlling finances is essential, they should implement specific software, online tools and apps that can save both money and time. There are many advantages of using business apps especially on latest iPad by Apple as they help in keeping your account up to date, they can reduce overall cost, provides security while using, increases productivity, can be collaborated from anywhere at any time and so on. Here are a few iPad apps that are a must for business use:


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