How to increase System Performance-iPhone & iPod

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After your device gets more than 5 months old your device starts to slow down and is not as fast and smooth as it used to be in the beginning. After  one and a half years the device starts to literally slow down and by slow down I mean that it does not work properly and apps etc open slower than before. This means that your system performance has decreased.

Most people do not tolerate slow speeds and the overall experience with the certain device becomes negative. Slow system performance also annoys and irritates many people. Apple devices are so expensive and when they start to slow down or don’t act normal, they make their users think that they have wasted their money. If you want to buy a new iPhone or iPod, buy them from the sidebar at the right of this page. Those ones are trusted and are guaranteed to work.

There are many different ways to make your device’s speed faster and to make it function properly. Follow all of the advice that is given below and your device will be as good as new.
1. Close all the apps that are being multi-tasked by your device. Close all the multimedia that is performing in the background.

2. For example, if you have a device with a storage of 16 GB then make sure at least 3-4 GB is still free and not occupied. The more memory that is used, the slower your device will perform.

3. If your device has been jailbreaked and has winterboard themes on it, reset the springboard or change your theme. For the fastest performance, it is best if you remove a theme as themes are usually the main things that bring problems for most devices.

4. Many people like to keep many pages of their home screen full of apps. Some people arrange their pages according to different categories. The truth is that the more pages that your home screen has, the slower your device will become. It is recommended that you don’t keep more than 3 pages.

5. After jailbreaking your device it is commonly known that your device will slow down. So if your device is too slow it is recommended that you restore your device so that the jailbreak finishes and so that your device will back up and become faster.

Follow all the steps to increase your devices performance speed. There will be no sudden change by applying any of the steps. Your device will start to gradually speed up. Once you have followed most of the points, make sure you restore your device so that the positive effect will become better. For jailbreaking your device visit

Advantages and Disadvantages of Jailbreaking

Everyone wants to jailbreak their iPhone or iPod for all those free apps, games and themes. If you want to know the steps of a jailbreak, go to Jailbreaking is a very big step towards your devices future. You should know the pros and cons or the advantages and disadvantages of jailbreaking.

Advantages ( Pros ):

1. Some apps that can be downloaded from the appstore are available like CyCorder and PDANet. These apps are very helpful.

2. Cydia and Icy are two unofficial app stores that allow you to buy different apps, themes and games absolutely free. This is only available to those who jailbreak their device. There will be many fantastic apps that the app store had rejected and they will work perfectly with your device.This gives you another choice and you can choose apps from the app store and from the third party app stores like Cydia.

3. Get various themes for your device that are not available anywhere on the app store! You can only get these themes from Cydia and other third party software. Apple already supplies you with a pretty good interface but to add the 'cool' into it you'll have to get your device jailbreaked. Then you can make your device interface into a snow leopard or a vending machine. You can add more customization to your device and make it to whatever you want to! You can through this also add an additional dock and get new sounds for your device making it more like how you want your device!

Disadvantages ( Cons ):

1. Your warranty will be dismissed. This is sad, but it's true, a jailbroken iPhone/iPod will lose it's warranty and apple will not support or entertain any hardware issues with your device if it is in warranty. This may seem harsh but you can easily get around it. If you use your iTunes to get a clean restore for your device, Apple will not be able to identify if the device is jailbroken or not!

2. Once after a jailbreak, if you update your devices software via iTunes, your jailbreak will be finished and all your apps that were received through a jailbreak will also be erased. But the Dev-Team usually updates it too in a couple of weeks, you won't get the new software on release date.

3. Another major thing is that your iPhone/iPod will become more unstable. Every software crashes in a while including iOS but after a jailbreak there is a more possibility of crashes. These crashes will not harm your device in any way and you can reset your device. Generally, your device will also slow down a little.

4. There is also a very slight chance that your device will brick or in other words, get ruined and it will be wasted. This possibility is very rare and only 1 in 10 000 users will experience it. The dev-team has made everything real safe and user friendly but there are always risks of your device to brick


At the end of the day you will be thinking of either jailbreaking or not. If you ask me, I will say one MUST jailbreak his device to have the complete and the best experience of his/her iPhone/iPod. There are some cons, but the in overall, jailbreaking will be better. The cons are not too much of a problem, and you will be getting all the cool advantages if you jailbreak. For the procedure of a jailbreak, go to

- Shahmeer

Best Apps and Games on the App Store

Once you get an apple account or jailbreak your device, you will want to use your account or jailbreak to the fullest and will want to get the best apps and games for your iPod or iPhone. I will list some of the popular apps and games that almost every apple user would want to have. If you want to learn how to jailbreak ( get free games and apps ) then go to

The places where you can most likely find these apps and games are on the app store and installous. For some useful apps look at the list below.

Popular Apps:

1. Facebook, Twitter, and Google + apps. These are great apps if you want to social network from your device.
2. Football News, Cricinfo, and Basketball News for great sports updates according to the sport.
3. iFitness : Great app for keeping you fit including some great exercises.
4. CNN : The best news app. Get all the latest news from all over the world through this great app.
5. NetFlix : Want to watch movies? NetFlix will show you them but the movies are paid.
6. ImDb : Another great app for movies. Some movies are paid and others are free. This includes trailers.
7. Google Earth : It will give you everything related to maps and you can see the whole world and features.
8. Amazon : Online market for buying and selling. Everything can be sold or bought.
9. Photoshop Express : Edit your photos. Apply different sketches and add more features to your photo.
10. Skype : Free messaging and calling between skype accounts. The best IM app in the world!
11. Crackle : Watch movies absolutely for free!
12. Talking Tom : An awesome app that has a cat known as Tom. Tom will repeat whatever you say and will mock you. You can also play with Tom. A great little addicting app!

The following are games that I personally like and recommend you to play them too.

Popular Games:

1. Traffic Rush
2. Topple 2
3. Angry Birds
4. Cube Runner
5. Fruit Ninja
6. Stunt Bike
7. Doodle Jump
8. Zen Bound
9. Space Ninja
10. Rolando 2
11. Pac Man
12. Need For Speed Shift
13. Pocket God
14. Geo Defense Swarm
15. Field Runners
16. Where's My Water
17. Cut The Rope
18. Infinity Blade II
19. Temple Run
20. Tap Glider

These are one of the best Apps and Games that you can find and install on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. To get the most out of your device, try all these apps and then see which ones suit you!

- Shahmeer 

Secret Feature Screenshot - iPhone, iPod, and iPad

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These apple devices, the iPhone and iPod, they have lots of secret features and today I am going to tell you about the feature of a screenshot which can be taken through your device in a very simple procedure.

Lots of times we see certain things in our device being it on the internet or anything else that we want to keep a record of it and don’t want to lose it such as jailbreaking. You might want to save something during the procedure and at that time you can take a screenshot of it.

Taking screenshots is not common to many people  who own these devices. Screenshots are not even mentioned in the User Manual. To take a screenshot you have to press the sleep button ( on the top ) and the home button ( at the bottom middle ). Press these two buttons exactly at the same time and your screen will blink. That means you have taken the screenshot.

What do you have to do once you have taken the screenshot? Now your screenshot has been saved in your ‘ Photos ‘ app in your device. All your screenshots will be saved in a new album called ‘ Saved Photos ‘. Then you can use these like any other photo.

This is the only way to record what  is on your iPhone/iPod’s screen. 

Winterboard and Themes - iPhone & iPod

Once you have jailbroken your device, to get the full view and get the main stuff after jailbreaking is to get Winterboard, which is to get themes for your device. This is not only a background. It is a whole theme which will include wallpaper, background, docks, and sound. This is one of the best reasons why people jailbreak their device.

To be exact Winterboard is a software which allows you to download different themes that perfectly suit and fit with your iPhone/iPod. Winterboard will be installed through Cydia. All the themes etc. will also be downloaded through Cydia. To download Winterboard follow the steps below.

1. Launch Cydia and then go to the Cydia Search. Type in Winterboard and then wait for the Search Results. Tap the winterboard application and then install it. Once it installs, Cydia will restart.

2. After installing Winterboard, then you will want to install the different themes that work with Winterboard. Go to sections at the bottom of the screen and then scroll down until you see Themes ( Apps ), Themes ( Battery), Themes ( Complete ), Themes ( Keyboard ) etc.
3. Now you can select any theme of your choice. Go to any one of these categories and preview the various themes. Look at the screen shots and choose the one you like best. Then tap on it and install it. Once it's done, you can close Cydia unless you want to install more than one theme.
4. Now you have to launch Winterboard. You can either launch it from the home screen or going through Settings. Open Winterboard and then you will see the different themes that you have installed. Tap on any one of them and it will be applied. Go back and then restart Springboard ( on the top right ). Once it restarts you can see the new theme applied.

If you want to disable or change a theme you can do it from inside the Winterboard app by tapping a new theme for it to be applied or in case of disabling Winterboard you can turn off Winterboard from inside the app.

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How to reboot your iDevice when you have forgotten your passcode

A lot of users who use the two apple devices, the iPhone and iPod forget their passwords and then don't know what to do. This is a frustrating matter, I agree. But there is a very easy way to get it back unlocked. If you ask other people, they will say you have to restore it, but its impossible to do that because when you connect it to iTunes, iTunes will ask the password and if you don't know it, you are unable to restore.

Follow the steps below and then your device will go into recovery mode. The only way to get your iPhone or iPod is to put it into recovery mode.

1. Disconnect your device from your computer but leave the USB cable plugged in.
2. Launch iTunes
3. Press and hold the sleep button ( on the top ) and the Home button ( in the bottom middle ) and keep holding them. If the ' Turn off Power' screen comes ignore it and keep on holding the two buttons. After you do this your device will go off itself.
4. While holding the two buttons connect your device with the USB cable which should be plugged in into your computer. This will make your device turn on but don't leave the Sleep and Home buttons.
5. Keep holding them until a notice opens up on iTunes telling you that your device is in Recovery Mode.

iphone recover mode detected

Now that it is in Recovery mode you have to restore the device.
6. From the summary in iTunes restore your iPhone/iPod

You have successfully restored your device. This means that everything has been erased, including your password. Once the restore is done you can sync all your media from iTunes back into your device. If you don't want to erase all the files during the restore, it is impossible. Completely impossible. You have to restore it which erases everything from your device.

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How to sync into different iTunes without erasing all data-

My last post was about how to sync songs from iTunes to your apple devices iPhone or iPod. This was a routine procedure but what are you supposed to do if you want to transfer songs from your device to your friends computer or to a different computer with a different iTunes. This is a very common question that arises among users.

If you connect your iPhone or iPod into a different computer with a different iTunes, you will be asked for a sync but the catch is that all the data on the device will be erased. If you don't want to erase the data, but still transfer all the songs into the different iTunes, follow the steps below.

1. Go to This will then allow you to download a software that is called 'Sharepod'. To download it from the site click 'Get Sharepod' on the bottom of the page. A new page will open and then you click download.
2. Choose where you want to save the file and save it. Once it downloads, unzip or extract the file to your desktop.
3. Go to iTunes and then a pop up will be shown regarding your device. Close all the windows that are related with iTunes including Sharepod ( if it is open ).
4. Now go to where you had extracted or unzipped the Sharepod files. From there, open the file that says sharepod.exe
5. Open that and you will see all your devices songs and videos up there. Highlight the ones you want to copy to your PC. Highlight those and then click the button in the top right corner that says ' Copy to PC ' Then select where you want to copy all those to.
6. Once they are all copied you can close Sharepod and then open the folder in which you had copied all the files. From there you can then put your songs and videos into iTunes. If you want to learn about transferring songs to iTunes click Here. Now you are done!

This is the easiest way to copy files from iPhone/iPod to computer. Many people buy new computers and want to have the same iTunes over there. Tell them to visit this site! Some people want their friends to have all the songs from their iPod into their friends PC. This method will work perfectly.

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How to Sync iPhone & iPod with iTunes

Today I will tell you how to add songs from iTunes to your iPhone or iPod. This is a very easy process and some people get stuck here. First of all, you should know what iTunes is. iTunes is a software that has to be downloaded from the internet. To download the latest version of iTunes click Here.  iTunes is a media player which is compatible with apple products only. In iTunes you have collections of songs, videos, and apps that are in your device. Through iTunes, you store songs and then transfer all the media from iTunes into your apple device safely.

Now a question will arise in many peoples mind that how you can store songs in iTunes? The answer is that you have to download different files from the internet and save them in your computer. If you don’t know how to download, I will explain it in the next paragraph. Once you save the files in your computer you open them and copy them onto iTunes. Once they are in iTunes you sort them to your liking and then via the USB cable that comes with your device you sync ( transfer ) all the songs into your device. The procedure will be explained in the following paragraphs.

If you already know how to download songs, skip this paragraph and the points below. To download songs you have to go to certain downloading websites such as or . Through these websites you can save ( download ) various files from the internet into your computer. For beemp3 you don't need to make an account but for 4shared you have to sign up. These are the easy steps:

1        Search the file that you want in the Search Box

2       One the files open up, click on any one of them

3       A new window will open and you will have to wait for a specific amount of time ( 20-40 seconds)

4       Once you wait, it will say click here to download. Click there and a new window will open

5       That window will have two options, Run and Save. Choose save and then choose where you want the file to save inside your computer ( in a certain folder )

Once you have downloaded the files you want to add to your device open up iTunes. iTunes will be rather empty if you have not added any files before. Now you want to know how to add files to iTunes. Go to the folder in which you had saved the downloaded files in. Have both windows open in front if you. Now drag the files from the folder and place them in the ‘Music Heading’ in iTunes. They will then turn by turn appear in the music section. If you double click on them the song will start playing. If you have multiple songs that you want to store in iTunes then you can highlight all the files from inside your folder and then copy them. Once they are copied open iTunes and then paste them over there. This is an alternate method. From iTunes you can manage all your downloads with ease.

Now you would want to transfer all these downloaded files into your device. To do this first you have to connect your device into the computer via the USB cable that comes along with your device. Once its connected, iTunes will detect the device and on the left side ( in the iTunes window ) your device will be listed there ( you can also change the name of your device ). Click on your device. A new window will open. On the bottom of the page on the right side there will be a button saying Sync. Click on the Sync button and then all your files will start to be transferred into your iPhone or iPod.

You will have to wait around 3-7 minutes for the sync to complete. On your devices’ screen it will be written slide to cancel. If you have forgotten something or want to cancel the sync you can cancel it from there. Once the Sync is complete you can disconnect your device and then through the device open the Music app. Over there you will see all the music files that you had just synced and now you can easily play them!
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Jailbreaking | Cydia | Installous iPhone, iPod, and iPad

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In my previous post about how to install apps from the appstore I taught you how to get apps via the appstore but all those apps are paid. This time I am going to tell you how to hack your iPhone or iPod which is commonly known as 'Jailbreaking.' But in this post I will only tell you how to get your device. I will tell you how to install apps by jailbreaking later, but to learn how to jailbreak is the major step.

What is jailbreaking exactly? Jailbreaking is when your hack your device and allow it to get apps on the appstore for free by third party softwares. It is a fairly easy process and I will guide you through it. There are various methods of how to jailbreak your device but I will tell you the most easiest and safest way to do it. Some people say that jailbreaking is a big risk but through this method it is perfectly safe. This whole process will be through your iPhone or iPod, there is no use of computer.

First of all, open up the Safari Web Browser through your device. Once you have that done go to The next step is extremely simple. There will be a big button there saying 'Jailbreak Me.' Go ahead on that and suddenly you will start the jailbreaking process. You will have to wait for around 10 minutes. The page will tell you how much of your jailbreak is complete. After the jailbreak completes you will be given a choice from three different softwares to choose from for installment. These three softwares are necessary for the jailbreak so don't navigate away from there. The most recommended software and the commonly used software, Cydia is the one that you should choose. It is the safest and it is the ONLY one that I ever used. Wait for Cydia to install, it will be installed as an app.
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After that Cydia will take a little while to load up. Once its done and loaded you will see a bar on the bottom of the screen. Over there you will see manage. Go on manage and then a new page will open. From there go to Sources. There will be an edit button on the top corner. Touch that and then choose add. After that a box will appear. In that type and then choose Add source. This will open up a new page and then you should choose 'Add Anyway' this is a trusted website by users all around the world. Then Cydia will update it's sources. Once that's done then we move on to the next step.

UPDATE: Installous has now permanently shut down and is no longer working. You will have to install an alternative and the best alternative to Installous is AppCake. Learn how to get AppCake from here. If you want to know why Installous shut down then view this article here.

Now we have to install the third party app Installous. Installous will allow us to install all the paid apps on the appstore for free, 100% FREE! To download Installous. But before that you also have to install AppSync. You can find that from the Cydia search and then install it. Once that's done the data will reload. After that in Cydia search type Installous and install the Installous app. Once it has completely installed press the home button. You will see Installous on one of your devices pages. Now you have successfully jailbroken your iPhone or iPod and now can download anything you want from inside Installous!!

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How to install apps from the app store- iPhone and iPod Tutorials

Last time I told you about the two popular devices, the apple products, iPhone and the iPod. Now I am going to tell you about how you can install spectacular apps from the inbuilt app store. To get apps from the app store, you need to have an iTunes account first which can be made from the device or from your computer. For making iTunes, you will need to give your name, address, and PayPal email. PayPal is the method of paying for all the paid apps. After you make an iTunes account, you are then ready to install various apps from the app store.

Now the process to install apps is very very easy. One you open the app store you can see a search box at the top and different categories under the search. Apps are applications which can be either games or anything else regarding use in daily life. Most of the apps are to be paid but there are some exceptions and you can get apps for free, but even then you need an iTunes account. If you have any specific app in your mind, you can search it  in the search box or if you want to browse the store, go to the different categories listed above. You can also choose categories likes Top 25, Top grossing apps, and Top free apps. Choose them and then see all the apps according to their ratings.

Now what do you have to do once you like an app and want it? Touch the arrow once you open up the description for the app. That will lead to the downloading and installing of the app. You won't see anything happen there immediately, but if you press the home button you will see an app getting downloaded on the main screen. That will be the app that you had chosen. There will be a small bar under it showing you how much of the installment has completed and how much is still left. Once the bar finishes, your app can be started. How did you pay for the app? Your payment had been automatically made by PayPal when you chose to install. You can get as many apps as you want as long as you have money in your PayPal account!

This is a very easy and rather simple method. Follow me and subscribe to see more tutorials about these two fabulous devices. In my next post I will post about how to jailbreak your device.

Reasons to Buy an iPhone, iPod, or iPad

In this post, I am going to tell you why you should buy one of the two apple products, iPhone,iPad, and iPod. Basically in this post I am going to tell you why these two apple products will cause a big change to your daily life in a positive way.

First of all let me explain you the difference between an iPhone, iPod, and iPad. iPhone,iPad, and  iPod  have the same software, hardware, and firmware. They are almost the same thing. They are devices that can play and store multimedia, surf the internet, and play or use different apps which are downloaded from the inbuilt appstore. The only big difference between these devices is that an iPhone has the ability to make calls and send and receive text messages like a regular cell phone, but the iPod has this ability missing. The iPad is simply just a bigger iPod. An iPod is unable to call, send, and receive text messages. In an iPod and iPad you are not able to insert a SIM card unlike the iPhone. And iPhone is a regular cell phone with an inbuilt iPod.

Why has Apple Inc created this difference between these devices. This has not really been explained anywhere but it's obvious that some parents don't want their children to have phones with them, but at the same time they want their kids to enjoy the marvelous features that these apple devices hold. In many areas, an iPod is much cheaper than an iPhone too but an iPhone and iPad price are nearly the same. This is also a major reason why Apple Inc. has created a difference between these devices. Otherwise, these advices are the same from outside and inside. The iPhones and iPods have the same models and they have started from 1G and now have reached 4G ( G stands for generation ). iPods had started way before an iPhone came out but they were mainly used as MP3 players ( e.g iPod Nano ).

These devices hold tremendous abilities and can easily attract users from all around the world to get their hands on it. The iPhone is one of the best selling smart phones today. From these devices you can play multimedia ( songs, videos and photos ), play games after installing, and use different useful apps that help and make ones daily life easier with cool apps such as alarm clock, notes, email and with its inbuilt internet browser, Safari. You can also download other cool apps from the inbuilt apple appstore and each app will have its own spectacular purpose.

The iPhone, iPod, and iPad are very expensive devices and many people can't afford them that easily. If you legally use these devices, by downloading multimedia and apps they can take a lot of money from you. But if you use them illegally then you can get paid multimedia and apps for free by Jailbreaking ( hacking your device for free downloads )

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