Best iOS and Android Apps of 2012

After the long year of 2012 we have now on the last day of the year compiled a list of the best apps that were released in 2012. There were many apps that we had on our minds that should have made the list, but the competition was pretty tough and only the following few were able to make it. The following are seven apps that we have chosen to have the best overall and importance in both the iOS and Android Stores.

How to Transfer Downloaded Movies into your iPhone, iPod, or iPad

Apple Devices brag about their awesome Retina Display, but only a few people know how to use the Retina display to the fullest. Movies are really fun when you watch them on your Apple Device. Here is a small tutorial on how to easily transfer your downloaded movies from your PC to your Apple Device using iTunes, the default media player for Apple.

How to Watch and Transfer Movies to Your iPhone, iPod, or iPad from a DVD

Once people buy their Apple Device, people at one once want to try the unique 'Retina Display' of their new device. Watching movies and other videos can be tons of fun watching them on either iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Usually, new users get stuck on the part when you have to sync or transfer movies or videos from your computer to your Apple Device. Keep reading and you will find out how to get movies onto your Apple Device in just a few simple steps.

How to Sync Music Without Using iTunes

Many people do not like installing and using iTunes. Everyone has their own reason for this, maybe iTunes slows down their computer or they just don't like the iTunes interface. Some people even face problems using iTunes to sync music, videos, podcasts, etc. into their Apple Device. If you need to sync or transfer music from your computer to your iPhone, iPod, or iPad then keep reading.


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