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In my previous post about how to install apps from the appstore I taught you how to get apps via the appstore but all those apps are paid. This time I am going to tell you how to hack your iPhone or iPod which is commonly known as 'Jailbreaking.' But in this post I will only tell you how to get your device. I will tell you how to install apps by jailbreaking later, but to learn how to jailbreak is the major step.

What is jailbreaking exactly? Jailbreaking is when your hack your device and allow it to get apps on the appstore for free by third party softwares. It is a fairly easy process and I will guide you through it. There are various methods of how to jailbreak your device but I will tell you the most easiest and safest way to do it. Some people say that jailbreaking is a big risk but through this method it is perfectly safe. This whole process will be through your iPhone or iPod, there is no use of computer.

First of all, open up the Safari Web Browser through your device. Once you have that done go to The next step is extremely simple. There will be a big button there saying 'Jailbreak Me.' Go ahead on that and suddenly you will start the jailbreaking process. You will have to wait for around 10 minutes. The page will tell you how much of your jailbreak is complete. After the jailbreak completes you will be given a choice from three different softwares to choose from for installment. These three softwares are necessary for the jailbreak so don't navigate away from there. The most recommended software and the commonly used software, Cydia is the one that you should choose. It is the safest and it is the ONLY one that I ever used. Wait for Cydia to install, it will be installed as an app.
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After that Cydia will take a little while to load up. Once its done and loaded you will see a bar on the bottom of the screen. Over there you will see manage. Go on manage and then a new page will open. From there go to Sources. There will be an edit button on the top corner. Touch that and then choose add. After that a box will appear. In that type and then choose Add source. This will open up a new page and then you should choose 'Add Anyway' this is a trusted website by users all around the world. Then Cydia will update it's sources. Once that's done then we move on to the next step.

UPDATE: Installous has now permanently shut down and is no longer working. You will have to install an alternative and the best alternative to Installous is AppCake. Learn how to get AppCake from here. If you want to know why Installous shut down then view this article here.

Now we have to install the third party app Installous. Installous will allow us to install all the paid apps on the appstore for free, 100% FREE! To download Installous. But before that you also have to install AppSync. You can find that from the Cydia search and then install it. Once that's done the data will reload. After that in Cydia search type Installous and install the Installous app. Once it has completely installed press the home button. You will see Installous on one of your devices pages. Now you have successfully jailbroken your iPhone or iPod and now can download anything you want from inside Installous!!

This is the easiest way for jailbreaking. For more Tutorials follow and subscribe to me and I will give you guides like this one on more related topics!


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