Apple Sues Samsung for Copying iPhone and iPad

Apple Inc. has sued Samsung Electronics saying that Samsung has copied Apple smartphones and tablets. These days, Apple has only one serious smart phone competitor Samsung. Apple Inc. has released the new iPhone 4G and 4S and are looking to release the iPhone 5 on September 12th.
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Apple Claims that Samsung electronics has copied Apple's iPhone and iPad models and renaming them Galaxy. Samsung had released their Galaxy smartphones right after the release of the iPhone and the Galaxy models hold a similar design and user experience. Apple says to the 10 man jury that Samsung has totally copied it's Apple smartphone and tab models. Apple is not interested in a fine, but wants the sale of Galaxy smartphones to finish. The main reason for this is because the Samsung Galaxy is the main and only competitor to the iPhone and iPad.  Let's see the similarities between both smartphones.
As you can see in the Picture above, both the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy are very similar to each other. And that's why Apple wants to sue Samsung. The user experience in the device is pretty much the same. The arrangement of Apps are almost exact and even the docks are similar. Galaxy has just added two more buttons on both sides of it's home button while Apple has one. Apple also reports to say that they copied the home button theory. Both smartphones have the same placement of the sleep button and volume control buttons.

It's no coincidence that most Samsung smartphones have started looking very much alike to the iPhone. It has been copied from hardware to software inside out, but when Apple blames Samsung, Samsung in return say that the Galaxy models were based on the Research and Development of Samsung itself. Most of the chips that are located in Apple Devices are designed and partly made by Samsung too. That's another reason why they both have software similarities.

Apple also blames that Samsung has also copied their iPad models. They say that after the release of the iPad, Samsung has copied the tablets' design and inside software and the only difference between them is the size and the name. Apple again, says that the base of all Galaxy smartphones and tablets are Apple.

You can see for yourself how much both tablets have in common. The size and shape are almost the same. Just like the Galaxy smartphones, the placement of the apps are exactly the same. The iPad is a little wider than the Galaxy Tab but the hardware and most of the software are completely the same. Instead of one home button, Galaxy tab has made 4 sensor buttons below the screen.

There is no doubt that both smartphones are very alike. Apple claims that Samsung has copied the style and user experience of the iPhone while Samsung counters saying that they made their new models by their own 'Research and Technology'. Now we can only sit back and watch what happens between the biggest rivals in the Smartphone and tablet market.



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