5 Time Saving iPhone Keyboard Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts

People that text, email, or write notes will need to know all the shortcuts, tricks, and tips for faster typing so that you can save a huge amount of time. If you type like you are wearing gloves, or you are a one finger typer, you can use the following tricks and shortcuts to enhance your user experience and type much faster than before.

Find Your Lost iPhone using Find my iPhone

Have you lost your iPhone? Or are you afraid that it might get misplaced. Apple Devices are expensive and it's natural that one will panic if his/her device either gets lost or stolen. If you travel a lot or are one of those people who forget where they left their phone then you will not have to worry anymore.

Improve Photo Quality for your iPhone, iPod, or iPad

Apple has released a high 5 megapixel camera for all their latest Apple Devices. This camera is one of the best that you can find in smartphones. But, for the camera to be optimized and work to the fullest you will have to use the following tricks for the best camera usage and user experience.

Best Winterboard Themes

Life is all about customization and your life goes according to you. You can change it any way you want. In the same way, once you jailbreak your device and get winterboard, you can start customizing your device to the fullest into any way you want. You can choose the background wallpaper on the homescreen, choose the front cover of different apps, and change the sounds. Change it however you like.

Best Websites For Free iPhone RIngtones

Some time or the other, you will get bored with ringtones and would really really want a change. Everyone wants change. You might be in the state where you just can't decide which ringtone to set. Or you think that the ringtones you have are just not right. Ask no more, keep reading and have all your answers solved.

The Power of FaceTime in iPhone, iPod, and iPad

FaceTime is another fantastic built in app that was released with iOS 5 which came with the 4th Generation iPhone. It was introduced with Siri, iCloud, and iMessage These features are what made the release of the iPhone 4 a success.

The Power of iMessage in iPhone, iPod, and iPad

iMessage has proved to be another awesome feature released in Apple Devices along with Siri and iCloud. iMessage is just like BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) but it is between Apple Devices. It works through WiFi or your 3G network. This is a much better than texting and it's recommended that you use iMessage between all your friends that have Apple Devices.

The Power of iCloud in iPhone, iPod, and iPad

Another feature that was released with Siri is the iCloud. Both of these features are great apps that save you time and makes everything easier. In simple words, iCloud is an app that let's you move most of your stuff that is on Apple Device, to all the other Apple Devices you own.

Best Siri Alternatives For Android

Siri was released with the iPhone 4S and has proved to be a success. Siri is only available for iPhone and all the Apple users are very pleased. Siri is one of the best features of the iPhone. Android smartphone users could only watch in envy until these 4 alternatives were introduced. Even though, they can't exactly be a real alternate to Siri because there is no real competition as Siri is much better, but these apps are good enough and you can use them until better updates come out which will make them fairly identical to Siri.

The Power of Siri in the iPhone

Siri is a revolutionary app that was released with the iPhone 3GS in 2010. From then Siri has improved in various ways making the experience with an iPhone maximized. Siri, an inbuilt app is why most people like to buy Apple Devices. This cool app makes lives easier.

Apple Sues Samsung for Copying iPhone and iPad

Apple Inc. has sued Samsung Electronics saying that Samsung has copied Apple smartphones and tablets. These days, Apple has only one serious smart phone competitor Samsung. Apple Inc. has released the new iPhone 4G and 4S and are looking to release the iPhone 5 on September 12th.

Unlock iPhone with O2

We know that when one buys an iPhone generally it is locked by a specific mobile network which consequently limits the use of the mobile device by allowing it to work only with the network's SIM card. So your iPhone will not recognize the SIM cards from other networks.


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