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My name is Shahmeer Khan and I am running this blog 'Apple Devices Help' along with my other blog 'Making Money The Easy Way'. Blogging has slowly become my part time job. I am ready to help my readers in every possible manner.

From Web Surfing to Hobby:

Before I started blogging, I was a regular internet user until one of my friends on Facebook suggested that I start blogging. At first, I didn't exactly know what blogging was. I got some idea from my friend and also searched it on Google. I then found It only took, me 5 minutes to start my first blog. I started my first blog which talked about the sport 'Cricket'. That blog was unsuccessful since I had not thought about it and it was my first blog. I slowly got better ideas of blogging topics and started a blog related to video games. That blog proved better than the first, but was not enough. Then I started thinking of a even better blogging topic and I came up with Apple Devices Help and Making Money The Easy Way
I created these two blogs within a week of each other and they proved rather successful for me. I gradually started posting some unique posts and started getting the traffic I wanted. I worked on them for plenty hours a day and they started getting better and better. Then I made Facebook Pages for each blog ( and ) and that proved as a success too. Recently I have also created a YouTube channel for my blog 'Apple Devices Help' only which can be found at

Apple Devices Help:

I created this blog to help my readers and followers with technical difficulties that many Apple users do with their devices iPhone, iPod, and iPad. With my 8 year experience with Apple Devices I had a good knowledge with them and also have a lot of information about them too. That's why I thought starting a blog about something that I am familiar with would be a good idea. I started Apple Devices Help in the beginning of Summer 2012 and a few days back we got over a 1000 views. I write posts related to How to's, tutorials, news, updates, and latest iOS for Apple Devices. I usually post an article every week. 


If you want to subscribe to us you can go to You will receive updates whenever we publish new posts or edit previous ones. Subscribing to us will keep you in constant contact with us. 

Contact Us:

If you ever want to ask me anything or contact me for any reason you can visit We are more than happy to see your feedback and to know what is our readers' status towards our posts and articles. 

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