The iPhone 5 Review

The iPhone 5 has been released in stores and you can buy one from your nearest dealer. The iPhone 5 has brought a reasonable change to the iPhone series but it does not reach many peoples’ standard as there was too much hype created. Even though the iPhone 5 is not a revolutionary phone, it still has it’s pros and cons and Apple has introduced some noticeable changes.

The iWatch Features

Not many people know about the iWatch. To sum it up the iWatch is a a wristwatch that can be used like an iPod nano, but some extra features have been added. The iWatch is a must have device for those who need everything at one place. Apple have designed the iWatch is such a spectacular way that you can have a whole iOS device strapped to your wrist.

The iWatch has everything included, I know you won't believe this but the iWatch even has FaceTime. You can actually video call someone using your watch. That's awesome. And its not only FaceTime, it has WiFi and Bluetooth included as well. You can even take pictures with it. It has an 8 megapixel camera and HD video recording.

The iWatch has a 16 GB memory and you can store music and videos in it as well. It also supports some pre installed apps like Calender and Calculator. Another jaw dropping thing about the iWatch is that it has retina display. Yes, retina display!

Another great feature is that it has AirPlay. You can wirelessly connect it with your other handheld iOS device. Another great thing is that you can charge it wirelessly using WiFi.

The iWatch has a sleek aluminium body and comes with 8 different kind of straps. It is packed in a black box that slides to reveal this watch. The creator of this watch said that the iWatch is a 'jewel'. A sequel of the iWatch, the iWatch 2 is rumored to be getting designed. Let's see what new things will be added in this powerful iWatch series.

iPhone 5 Specifications

Yes, the iPhone 5 has finally been announced yesterday. We have the full specifications to show you exactly how the iPhone 5 is. It has been officially announced and it can be pre ordered now and will be found in stores September 21st.

The iPhone 5 is being announced today

The time is come everyone! The hype of the new iPhone 5 coming out is almost over. Apple have arranged a special event in San Francisco, California and it is expected to be the release of the iPhone 5. The waiting time is finally over. Apple sent an invitation with a big 12 written on it and a shadow that reads the number 5.

These two numbers are expected to mean '12' for September 12th ( today ) and '5' for the iPhone 5. Apple is also rumored to announce new iPod Nano, iPod shuffle, and iPod Touch. Another exciting thing is the release of iOS 6 with the new iPhone 5. It's all very exciting.

We can't wait for to get the specs of the iPhone 5. We have gathered all the rumors and you can get a good understanding of what the iPhone 5 is Here. It is rumored to be more slick with a larger screen display that is supposed to counter the large display of the Samsung Galaxy SIII. It's shape is also to vary a little from the 4S and is going to be the most trending after the announcement.

Even though the iPad Mini is not going to be announced today, it will be announced in October there is still so much hype for the iPhone 5. You can watch the announcement live or at San Francisco. The timings are 10:00 A.M PT and 1:00 P.M ET. Don't miss it. Almost everyone is waiting for this new release.

The iPhone 5 is said to be released in stores at September 21st but to be sure we can only tell after the announcement. We will post the Specs and review once it is released.

The Power of AirPlay

AirPlay is another great feature of the Apple TV. AirPlay allows you to watch content from your iPhone, iPod, or iPad onto your HDTV or better speakers wirelessly. You can even mirror what's on your iOS device onto your large HDTV or listen to music on much better speakers. AirPlay allows you to do whatever you want on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad onto your HDTV via Apple TV.

The Power of The Apple TV

What Is Apple TV?

Basically, Apple TV is a small rectangular device that can connect to your HDTV via an HDMI cable to add new features and improve quality. This is another successful release by Apple. Through Apple TV you can watch movies, view photos, listen to music, and much more. It's endless entertainment. Apple TV supports AirPlay, which is one of the new features introduced by Apple along with the Apple TV. You can view anything from your iPhone, iPod, and iPad on your HDTV all because of Apple TV. You're just clicks away.

The Apple TV is a small device that holds tremendous power. Just connect it to your HDTV and it will sit on the table or in the cabinet making no noise at all and taking even less power than a light bulb. It enhances your experience in all possible ways. It comes with a remote too so that you can easily do whatever you want with it! Setting up Apple TV takes just seconds. All you have to do is connect the HDMI cable to your HDTV and start streaming. Apple TV will do everything with your Wi-Fi network. You can also control Apple TV from your iPhone, iPod, or iPad with AirPlay!

What Does Apple TV Support:

1. AirPlay:
AirPlay is supported on Apple TV which is a major factor of why people prefer an Apple TV. You can watch videos, movies, photos, and listen to music that is on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad wirelessly on your Apple TV. It's live streaming from your iPhone, iPod, or iPad to your Apple TV. You can also use AirPlay mirroring so that whatever appears on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad will appear on your Apple TV, whether it is a game or just the homescreen. 

2. iCloud:
iCloud is also very useful if you have more Apple Devices. As explained here, you can transfer whatever you want from your iPhone, iPod, or iPad to your Apple TV in seconds. Using iCloud, any purchase or download on your other iOS devices will automatically be backed up on your Apple TV so that you can use your purchase or download from any device at any time. It's all wireless therefore making everything simple and easy! You can get instant access to anything you want!

3. Photo Stream:
Photo Stream is also another handy feature in the Apple TV and other iOS devices. If you upload or take any pictures from any of your Apple Devices they will automatically appear on your HDTV via Apple TV. No sending, syncing, or transferring, they are all just automatically there!

With all these great features included in the Apple TV, an Apple TV becomes a must have for those who want to maximize their experience and want entertainment everywhere they go. Apple TV is also very cheap for all it's features and you can buy it from the store at $99 only!


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