The Story of How Apple Inc. Was Created

Apple Inc. is the one of the leading companies that make Consumer Electronics and Computers. It's well known devices include the iPhone Smartphone, iPad Tablet, iPod Music Player, and the Macintosh Computer. Millions of people globally use these products to run their normal lives. Here is the story of how Apple Inc. first began and how it prospered to what it is today.

Make An Apple or Android App For Non Technical People

You might have visited the iOS App Store or the Android Market. There you can find thousands of Apps, some for free while others are paid. These people, or the creators of these apps earn money for each and every single download that they get. Read on to find out how you can make your own Apple or Android app, and then make a profit.

Want To Jailbreak iOS 6? Too Bad the Jailbreak is Not Here Yet

After the Christmas and New Year Holidays many people have been wanting to find a jailbreak for their new iPhone 5 that has iOS 6. People using jailbroken devices in the past have had many advantages over the non jailbroken users. They have used their device to the fullest. But now, with their new iPhone 5 having iOS 6 will have to live without the luxury of a jailbroken device, at least for a while.

Which Smartphone Should you Buy? iPhone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S3

When you get the money in your hands and want to choose a new smartphone, the two main competitors that you will find are the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3. The main differences are in the specs and the operating system of both devices.

How to Install AppCake, the Best Installous Alternative

The greatest Cracked Apps Society 'Installous' has shut down. Hackulous has shut down their servers for good now and many people that used to Jailbreak their Apple Device just to get paid apps for free do not have to worry. For more details view this article about why Installous shut down. The best Installous Alternative is AppCake.

The iOS Jailbreak App Installous Shuts Down

The well known and the best jailbreaking app 'Installous' has shut down for good this time. Users that had jailbroken their Apple Devices so that they can get free apps and themes for their iPhone using Cydia and Installous will be heart broken while reading this article. Installous was one or should I say only reason why many people used to jailbreak their Apple device.


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