Why iPad Mini Is Still Top Draw For Tablets

When it comes to picking out your new tablet, it can sometimes make you wonder whether you should go with the most well known and choose an iPad, or if you can find a better deal elsewhere. However, from our own experiences we think that in this case, sticking to Apple is the best choice and we are going to look into just why the iPad is the best choice.

Why Mini?

Compared to other tablets on the market, Apple’s iPad mini is superior in a variety of ways. Not only has the iPad now become a cheaper device to get your hands on, with the release of the Mini, its functions and features are unrivalled.

The iPad mini comes in a variety of GB sizes, as well as a choice of two colours. Available in a Black/Slate or the White/Silver combinations, both are slick and super sharp. The iPad is available in 16, 32 or 64 GB, with the choice of the device being able to connect to the Internet via cellular mobile data networks.

Starting at just £269.99 for a basic 16GB model, the iPad mini is now an option that everyone looking for a powerful tablet can consider, even for those on a smaller budget.

Just A Few Pros

With everything packed inside that people have grown to know and love about Apple you won’t be short of the following features and benefits:

- FaceTime and iSight (camera built in)
- 10 hours battery life
- Super quick connectivity so you’re never left waiting around.
- 7.9 inch display. Small enough to carry around, but big enough to pack in all the power of the bigger iPads. Think of it as the same powerful iPad from previous generations’ baby brother (who got more brains as well as the looks)

Boasting Wi-Fi that is now connecting at speeds up to twice as fast as previous models, as well as giving you the option to connect up to fast mobile networks, the iPad Mini is sure never to let you down with its connectivity.

Apps Apps and More Apps

The iPad Mini, of course, comes with App Store meaning that all 300,000+ apps are right at the tips of our fingers – literally. With many that are made specifically for the iPad, we love how the iPad combines ease of use, size, system and performance into one great little device.

Shelly Flaherty loves tech, especially blogging about it. She recommends that you use protective anti-static packaging if you ever have to post your iPad off for repairs.

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