Best iOS and Android Apps of 2012

After the long year of 2012 we have now on the last day of the year compiled a list of the best apps that were released in 2012. There were many apps that we had on our minds that should have made the list, but the competition was pretty tough and only the following few were able to make it. The following are seven apps that we have chosen to have the best overall and importance in both the iOS and Android Stores.

1. Flipboard:

Flipboard has made the top of the list. Flipboard is a must have app for people who like to stay in touch with  whats happening in the world either politically, socially, technologically, or sporty. It's all your choice. When you join Flipboard the app gives you various categories to choose from based on your interests. Once you set up Flipboard you now have a whole newspaper regarding all the things that you like. It's a personally customized newspaper and you will love your Flipboard Newspaper more than any other newspaper!

2. Netflix:

Netflix is the best app for watching Movies and checking out TV shows. With Netflix you can watch new movies and your favorite TV shows from the palm of your hand. Netflix does have a little bit of costs attached to it but compared to the facility it provides the price is relatively cheap. Netflix is the worlds number one Movie viewing app and is not only available for iOS and Android, its almost everywhere. It's worth the buy!

3. IMDb:

IMDb is another app for Movies, TV, and Celebrities but it is different than Netflix. Netflix shows you full movies and TV shows while IMDb tells you what's new and about new movie releases and news about celebrities. While Netflix is a paid app IMDb is 100% free. IMDb is the best app that you can find regarding which movies are about to be released and which movies are already released. It also tells about different TV shows and their timings as well. It also presents news about actors and in which movies they will or are acting in. Netflix and IMDb together make a perfect combination.

4. Pocket:

Pocket is another successful app. Time is very scarce in today's life for everyone and not everyone has the time to read everything they find on the internet. If you find an article or a anything of your interest online but don't have the time to read it at that moment, you can save it to pocket. Pocket will save that app into it's own storage and will then let you read the article whenever you want. Just mark the article as 'Read It Later' and Pocket will add the article to itself. You can then read the article anytime you want even without internet access. You can read whatever you marked as 'Read It Later' offline. 

5. WhatsApp:

WhatsApp was released before 2012 but new updates has changed it completely from what it used to be in the beginning. Whatsapp allows you to message anyone you want for free if the person you are messaging also has WhatsApp. WhatsApp is basically a free messaging service that works over WiFi or 3G and saves you lots of money. WhatsApp is user friendly and you cannot only send messages but pictures, videos, and voice recordings. Messaging is slick and you even update your status, set a profile photo, and have group conversations as well. The only thing that it lacks in is a fully functional calling system.

6. Viber:

Viber is another app like WhatsApp but the thing that Viber includes is the fully functional calling system that WhatsApp lacks. The best thing about Viber is that it is totally free! No costs at all! It works over WiFi or 3G and is great for a free app. You can call and send messages to anyone that has Viber on their phone. But if you prefer to type messages rather than calling then WhatsApp will be better to have and that is why Viber comes after WhatsApp.

7. Opera Mobile Web Browser:

Our favorite web browser has made the list. Opera has been updated completely and is a very fast and easy browser to use. It has a slick design and is user friendly. The browser is simple and has all the functions of a regular web browser as well. Opera beats other mobile web browsers because of it's speed. Opera does not take much memory and it is much faster than Safari, another close competitor to Opera. Opera is a must have app for you if you tend to surf the internet frequently using your device.

These are the top 7 that have made our list for the best apps of 2012. Some apps that had a good chance to make the list but didn't are Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Evernote, StumbleUpon, Speed Test and many more! 

Comment below if you think we have missed an app that you think should have made the list!



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