How to Sync Music Without Using iTunes

Many people do not like installing and using iTunes. Everyone has their own reason for this, maybe iTunes slows down their computer or they just don't like the iTunes interface. Some people even face problems using iTunes to sync music, videos, podcasts, etc. into their Apple Device. If you need to sync or transfer music from your computer to your iPhone, iPod, or iPad then keep reading.

The default media player for all Apple Devices is iTunes, which is fully compatible with each iDevice and basically was made for Apple users. But, if you want to avoid iTunes there is a simple procedure that uses a third party software to do the same job for you! This special software is MediaMonkey


Media Monkey is a big full functional media player that allows you to do everything you can possibly do in iTunes, it's a great alternative as well. iDevice syncing is enabled and using MediaMonkey you can easily transfer your music at ease.

Most Media players need iTunes installed because iTunes comes with special drivers that give permission to access your Apple device and move files from there. But since the whole point of this article is to sync songs without installing iTunes, here is another way.

You will have to download iTunes from the Apple website, but you will not have to install it. You can delete it later as you need iTunes only temporarily just to get certain drivers. 
  1. Download the iTunes.exe file from and save the file in any folder
  2. After the download is completed, open the folder in which you saved the file. Right click on the file and rename the ending ( suffix ) from .exe to .zip
  3. After changing the name, open the now .zip file and find the two files AppleMobileDeviceSupport.msi and QuickTime.msi. Extract both files to your desktop.
  4. Install these two files into your computer. 
Now open MediaMonkey. Shift all the songs that you want synced into your Apple Device into MediaMonkey if you have not done this already. Just drag the music files into MediaMonkey. Your device once plugged into the computer will be shown on the left. Press sync and you are all done!

Now you can delete or do whatever you want with the downloaded iTunes file once you have extracted the two files in step 3. Have Fun!


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