Best iPad Apps For Business Use

For any business controlling finances is essential, they should implement specific software, online tools and apps that can save both money and time. There are many advantages of using business apps especially on latest iPad by Apple as they help in keeping your account up to date, they can reduce overall cost, provides security while using, increases productivity, can be collaborated from anywhere at any time and so on. Here are a few iPad apps that are a must for business use:

This is an easy application which helps in creating, viewing and editing the documents from anywhere as it works with Cloud. With Bluetooth technology the user can easily edit or write document on a wireless or onscreen keyboard, they can easily import files from WebDAV, from the web service or Mac and so on.  Features associated with this are:

  •    Easy to use in a word
  •    Fingertip design
  •    Your work is saved automatically
  •    Text formatting options

Roambi Analytics: 
This app transforms your business’s critical information, reports your existing business to analytics, and is very fast to deploy. The results generated are easy to integrate with the existing systems. The user can consume, retrieve Roambi reports and can interact with these reports. There are 3 options where users can choose based on their needs– Roambi Lite, Pro and ES. Features associated with this are:

  •       Provides triple layered security
  •       Integrate with existing environment or enterprise
  •       Easy to visit forums
  •      Simple to deploy

Cisco WebEx Meetings
This keeps you connected with your office anytime; you can access you PC or Mac quickly to view information, files, and documents and so on. User can use video conference for better engagement with audience, can track the do list and assign reminders and tasks.  Features associated with this are:
  • High-quality video conferencing
  • Full screen view
  •  Integrated web conferencing and audio on 3G and Wi-Fi
  •  One touch support

MobileIron Sentry: 
With this app you can quickly access the status of your business; it can protect and control your business’s important corporate asset. The interface used here is simple and elegant which can make full use of your iPad’s large display and multi touch interface. It guards your business more effectively and efficiently. Features associated with this app are:

  • Tracks the devices that comprises security perimeter
  • Wipes compromised, lost or stolen devices
  • Viewing threats is very simple along with the date and threat profile
  •  Displays information on recent connected devices

Bottom line: 
With many excellent features the Apple’s new iPad blows the competition away and serves as one of the best tablet. The software is compatible with all the apps that has worked on its predecessors; however the higher resolution display feature of new iPad gives a better viewing experience. Overall iPad features have most pleasant results. If there is a shortage of money to afford this latest Apple’s tablet then you can try considering various financing options like credit card, payday loans or any other unsecured loans and experience unlimited apps especially designed to improve your business.

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