iPad Mini: What's New?

Finally Apple have released the awaited for iPad Mini. The name describes it best. This new device is just like the younger brother of the iPad 2. The iPad Mini has a perfect size for those who don't want a data connection, but need a tablet for reading eBooks or surfing the web. The iPad Mini can easily be held with one hand and is the lightest tablet yet, lighter and bigger than its two big competitors the Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle HD.

When you hold the iPad Mini for the first time, you will notice about the iPad Mini is extremely thin and light. Its so light and thin that you can even flip it like a coin or toss it like a pancake. These two features make the iPad Mini easily portable and can fit inside your coats pocket unlike the iPad 2. It gives a great feeling to the hand and that's what will make it fun to use.

The iPad Mini is 7.87 inches high and 5.3 inches wide compared to the iPad's 9.7 inch height. It's extremely thin and is just 7.2 mm in depth. The lightness of the iPad Mini is proved to be the best yet, with only 308 grams for the WiFi version and 312 grams with LTE. Its thinness and lightness makes it easier to hold in a single hand for a longer period of time. You won't be tired of holding the iPad Mini for a longer time. No more wrist aches for the iPad users.

Now lets come to the screen. The display isn't as stunning as people might have expected it to be this time. The iPad Mini has a 1024x708 pixel screen, the same one as the iPhone 3GS. The bad part here is that this is not up to standard compared to the Retina Display of the iPhone 4S and now iPhone 5. If you have been using retina display for a long period of time you will easily notice that the iPad Mini is different. The screen ratio is 4:3 therefore showing more stuff on the 7.9 inch screen.

Other than the smaller screen, lighter, and thinner body, the iPad Mini shares most of the other specs of the iPad 2. The FaceTime works perfectly, no lag over WiFi but the live cam is not too bright. The front camera is 1.3 mega pixels and the iSight camera is 5 mega pixels. The iPad Mini runs the dual core A5 chip, not the A6 chip that comes with the iPhone 5. A major difference between the iPad and the iPad Mini is that the iPad Mini has Siri, the best voice recognition system out there. The iPad Mini has the new lightning port, not the old USB 2.0 port.

Pre-orders have started and you can find the iPad Mini in stores after November 2nd.


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