Differences Between iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S

The new iPhone 5 has been released for almost a month now but the question that many people still have in mind is 'What are the differences between the iPhone 5 and my old iPhone 4S'. This article will tell and explain the different changes that have been brought to the iPhone 5. Apple has released a new device for a nice reason, and the reason is to bring change to what the whole world is using. The iPhone 5 holds great abilities which have been added or have been enhanced to the iPhone 4S.


One of the biggest changes that has been brought to the iPhone 5 is the super fast A6 chip, a new release which has been successful till now. It's a much faster processor and makes the user experience better polished and amazing. The iPhone 4S had the A5 chip which is also a very well known processor, but still loses the competition against the A6 chip. iOS 6 was also released with the iPhone 5 but you can also update your old device to iOS 6 as well.


Another big change to the iPhone series is a color change. For the first time in iPhone history, Apple has released their new iPhones to come in a stylistic colors, Black and Slate and White with Silver. Older generations were only available in Black and White bit now Apple has given their customers a a stylistic edit which will give people the change that they have been wanting for a long time now.
The height of the overall device has been enlarged as well but there is only a minor change of body height, 0.37 inches to be exact. That's the body height, the screen height has also changed to 4 inches for the iPhone 5 and you can enjoy HD videos etc. on a larger screen. The old iPhone 4S had a 3.5 inch screen. Talking about the display screen, the iPhone 5 has a much higher resolution compared to older models.

One will see a huge change in weight. The iPhone 5 is bigger than the previous iPhone but is lighter. It weighs 3.95 ounces compared to the iPhone 4S 4.9 ounces, almost a difference of an ounce. The change in weight gives the iPhone 5 a big difference when using the device generally.

Wireless And Networks:

The iPhone 5 has introduced a new LTE system giving very high internet download and upload speeds, the speeds are so high that some people may prefer using LTE date coverage rather than their own home WiFi if they don't mind the huge prices. Another huge change is that the iPhone 5 only runs on nano sims, not on micro sims anymore. Many people will have to convert their old sims or buy a new nano sim.

Camera And Video:

There has been no change in the iSight camera between the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S but the FaceTime camera has been much improved, both photo and video strength. Before the FaceTime camera quality was VDA but now Apple has made the FaceTime camera 1.2 MegaPixels in the iPhone 5 and Video recording is at 720p HD recording. The iPhone 5 also includes a backside illumination sensor to improve picture quality.

In video recording the iSight Camera has improved video stabilization and has a 2 new features. There is face detection enabled in video recording and you can also take still photos during a video. These features are very helpful and are a major change in the history of iPhone cameras. 


The Apple Earphones have been replaced with Earpods. Earpods have a different shape and have enhanced speaker phones for better listening quality. It even has mini speakers on the outer side so that the sound waves will bounce on your inner ear and return to your ear drum. This is enabled only if you allow certain changes in the music EQ. 

Battery life has been improved as well. A huge problem to all smart phones is the battery timing and Apple has tried their best to make the iPhone 5 battery as long lasting as possible.
The main thing that has changed is the charging port. A lighting port will be used instead of the old 30 pin that has been used since the beginning of the iPhone series. The lighting port is smaller and has been changed so that the device can be charged more quickly and efficiently.

These are the changes that have taken place in the new iPhone 5 compared to the old iPhone 4S. Now you can choose whether you want to keep your old iPhone with you or if you need the new device. 


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