Top 5 iPhone Accessories

Accessories share a big role in personalizing and making the most out of your iPhone. Accessories help you extend the capabilities of your iPhone and lets you feel the best user experience that you can get from the iPhone, here is a list for the top 5 must have iPhone accessories!

1. ShowWx+Pico Projector:

The iPhone is great to watch movies alone, but what if you want to share something or watch a movie with some family or friends. That's where this accessory comes in. The ShowWx+Pico Projector is a small device that connects to your Apple Device and acts as a projector. The additional device is laser based therefore you won't face too many problems and it shows up till 100 inches wide and can run about 3 hours! This is a must have for movie lovers. 

2. Jambox:

Jambox is perfect to use with the above ShowWx+Pico Projector as jambox acts as a small portable set of loud speakers. They are tiny handhelds and connect to your Apple Device wirelessly using bluetooth technology. The Jambox has acoustic drivers that then produce a loud sound! These rubber speakers can come handy at places where your iDevice has to turn into a deck!

3. iPhone Tough Case

This case is a must have for those who travel frequently and those who tend to drop their iPhone every one time or another. This tough and rugged case is also waterproof. It's a bit bulgy and big, but it is worth taking with you if you are usually in a hurry or go to places where your iPhone is likely to slip out of your pocket. The good thing is that this case also extends your phones battery and makes GPS receptions better making it perfect for a traveler! 

4. Extra iPhone Battery Juice:

This iPhone Battery juicer is a case for your iPhone that actually doubles your iPhone's battery and gives you an extra 6 hours of battery. Its slick and easy to handle, ideal for those who don't want to take there charger everywhere they go. This cover has a micro usb port and charges itself, your iPhone and syncs all in one go! What else could you expect from Dexim!

5. My Phone Leash:

Why buy an iPhone if you are eventually going to lose it. This phone leash is attached to your iPhone and makes sure your iPhone won't go further than 30 inches from you. You won't have to worry about your iPhone getting taken out of your pocket or if it slips out itself. The Phone Leash will keep your iPhone safe with you!

These are the top 5 iPhone accessories that can help you make the most out of your iPhone!


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