The iOS Jailbreak App Installous Shuts Down

The well known and the best jailbreaking app 'Installous' has shut down for good this time. Users that had jailbroken their Apple Devices so that they can get free apps and themes for their iPhone using Cydia and Installous will be heart broken while reading this article. Installous was one or should I say only reason why many people used to jailbreak their Apple device.

Installous was the largest and best app that millions of users worldwide used for many years to get paid apps from the App Store for free. The Hackulous Dev Team, the ones who made a home for Installous and AppSync have closed their doors for good.

The reason that Hackulous says that they have shut down is because of the lack of activity on their forums. They described their forums as a 'ghost town' and explained that they found it very difficult to moderate and keep up to date. They said that the team were unable to keep the system online which has now forced them to permanently shut down their servers.

Now when you try to open the Installous App you will get the message 'Error, Installous will now Terminate' and the user will return back to the iOS screen. On the other hand the staff at Apple will be extremely happy as this is a major step towards stopping App Piracy. Their App Store will be used even more and people will have to think again before Jailbreaking. Apple have had success against piracy and will be very proud of this achievement.

Installous users will now have to find alternative ways of getting cracked apps or they will have to start to pay the extra dollar or two for the apps that they once had for free. Installous and AppSync are now offline but users are still able to go to Cydia to find alternatives.

And now for the last time, Installous has shut down once and for all time.

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