Jailbreak For iOS 6 Available Now | Cydia is Flooded

The long awaited iOS 6 jailbreak is now available to all the Apple Devices including the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini. There were a lot of fake jailbreaks available on the Internet in the past couple of months but now the evasi0n  dev team. They introduced their own tool which makes Jailbreaking very easy and simple. All you need is a computer, Apple device, and the USB cable.

You will have to download the tool evasi0n from their website. It is compatible with the Mac OS X, Windows XP and above, and Linux PCs. Quickly download the tool to your desktop. Connect your device to your computer and then open the downloaded tool. The tool will then read your device and then start the jailbreak. It will take around 5-7 minutes and then will notify you when finished. You will the. Have to unlock your device and then click the jailbreak button on your device. Upon doing that your device will get jailbroken.

Now the rest is downloading Cydia and Appcake, not Installous as Installous has permanently shut down.

Apple had tried their best to make iOS 6 hard to crack for the jailbreak dev teams but again, the Dev teams have become successful and have done a great amount of help for the old jailbreak users. And, because of this jailbreak Cydia has become flooded. Their is a lot of traffic at Cydia now because of the Jailbreak release. Many people globally were waiting for this jailbreak to release and since its out now, everyone wants to take advantage of the jailbreak as soon as possible. If Cydia is not loading properly or downloads are taking too long, don't be worried, it will sooner or later get better.

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