The iWatch Features

Not many people know about the iWatch. To sum it up the iWatch is a a wristwatch that can be used like an iPod nano, but some extra features have been added. The iWatch is a must have device for those who need everything at one place. Apple have designed the iWatch is such a spectacular way that you can have a whole iOS device strapped to your wrist.

The iWatch has everything included, I know you won't believe this but the iWatch even has FaceTime. You can actually video call someone using your watch. That's awesome. And its not only FaceTime, it has WiFi and Bluetooth included as well. You can even take pictures with it. It has an 8 megapixel camera and HD video recording.

The iWatch has a 16 GB memory and you can store music and videos in it as well. It also supports some pre installed apps like Calender and Calculator. Another jaw dropping thing about the iWatch is that it has retina display. Yes, retina display!

Another great feature is that it has AirPlay. You can wirelessly connect it with your other handheld iOS device. Another great thing is that you can charge it wirelessly using WiFi.

The iWatch has a sleek aluminium body and comes with 8 different kind of straps. It is packed in a black box that slides to reveal this watch. The creator of this watch said that the iWatch is a 'jewel'. A sequel of the iWatch, the iWatch 2 is rumored to be getting designed. Let's see what new things will be added in this powerful iWatch series.

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