The iPhone 5 Review

The iPhone 5 has been released in stores and you can buy one from your nearest dealer. The iPhone 5 has brought a reasonable change to the iPhone series but it does not reach many peoples’ standard as there was too much hype created. Even though the iPhone 5 is not a revolutionary phone, it still has it’s pros and cons and Apple has introduced some noticeable changes.

For a view of the full specifications go here. There are many new positive and negative changes brought to the new iPhone. We have divided the positive changes and negative changes into two portions below. You can buy the iPhone 5 Here

Positive Changes:

Many people have preferred the major change of a larger screen, a 4 inch screen to be exact. The iPhone 5 screen is much larger than the iPhone 4S screen and the iPhone 5 has an extra dock as well. The screen resolution has also increased and supports Retina Display. The iPhone 5 has brushed aluminum body with a metal band across the border and the screen lies within the housing. The iPhone 5 is much more slick, thin, and is much lighter than the previous iPhones. It weighs 3.9 ounces and even with its larger screen it is lighter compared to the iPhone 4S 4.9 ounces. You’ll only notice the changes with the design and weight once you hold the iPhone 5 yourself.

Sound and reception has also proved to be much better than before. The crystal clear voice that you can hear during a phone call is marvelous. It has 3 mics and therefore the voice goes much clearer to the other end as well. There is also a background noise reduction which has also proved to be successful.  The iPhone 5 supports WiFi, 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE data connections. LTE has seen many speed improvements and people have experienced very high speeds from 5 Mbps to 10 Mbps and many people would prefer LTE data connection over there Home WiFi due to tremendous speeds but only use LTE over WiFi if you don’t mind huge bills.

There have also been many compliments given to the iPhone 5 due to its magnificent iSight camera and FaceTime camera. The iSight camera has an 8 Megapixel camera while the FaceTime camera supports 1.2 Megapixel camera. The picture quality is crisp and ultra-defined and it is possible to use this smartphone as your professional camera.

Like Apple does with every new release, you will feel the increase in performance and speed due to the new A6 chip. The introduction of iOS 6 may have also increased the speed. Even though the 4S was good enough, it’s unlikely that you will feel even a bit of lag while playing heavy memory games. Multi-tasking works perfectly and the device runs as smooth as possible. It’s as fast as it can be!

iOS 6 has finally been introduced but the differences between iOS 5 and iOS 6 is not too much noticeable. There have been slight changes but no doubt they have made iOS 6 fast and easy to understand. In every iOS update they keep making stylistic edits and sharp differences. They aren’t making a new iOS type, but they are instead polishing the original iOS. To some people that would be find, but other people prefer other OS like Jellybean, especially those people who use Google frequently. No doubt iOS 6 is still a success. But let’s hope that a new, more helpful iOS will come out soon.

Negative Changes:

Everything has its pros and cons, the pros have been listed above and now we will tell you about the drawbacks.

A huge drawback to the iPhone 5 is that its lightning port, the port where you connect the USB cable to has changed. The lightning port had been the same since the first generation, but for some reason it has changed now. The main drawback to this is that all of your old accessories won’t be compatible with this new device. The accessory makers will have a loss as now people will demand for the new port accessories. There will be no speed up in charging or syncing and that’s why I wonder why they had to change the lightning port. The main reason is to shrink the components but this change will bring problems to many customers.

Battery life has always been a problem with Apple, and it still is. They have made changes to the battery but you will not be able to observe any noticeable change.  Heavy use of the phone will make the battery go down pretty quick so it will be a good idea to keep a wall charger with you.

You will also hear complains about the larger screen. The larger screen does have its pros but some people may feel uncomfortable with it. If you are using your right hand then you may have a hard time reaching the upper left corner of the screen if your hands are small. This will reduce the user speed and typing errors may also be more frequent. The larger screen looks unusual and may feel like a waste of space. Personally, I didn’t think there was much importance in increasing the screen size.

Apple have also changed the earpods. They have introduced something new, they have made small speakers externally. When sound will come out of the earpods they will hit our inner ear and bounce back therefore creating a better experience. This was Apple’s idea. But this truly isn’t the case now. The earpods are a bit heavy and larger. Some people will face difficulties using them as they feel like they will fall out when you are walking. That’s why I still prefer the older earbuds.

These are the positive and negative points that we found out while playing with the iPhone 5. To wrap everything up the iPhone 5 is a revolutionary device and it would be a good competitor in the smartphone market. It is certainly a phone to try.

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