The iPhone 5 is being announced today

The time is come everyone! The hype of the new iPhone 5 coming out is almost over. Apple have arranged a special event in San Francisco, California and it is expected to be the release of the iPhone 5. The waiting time is finally over. Apple sent an invitation with a big 12 written on it and a shadow that reads the number 5.

These two numbers are expected to mean '12' for September 12th ( today ) and '5' for the iPhone 5. Apple is also rumored to announce new iPod Nano, iPod shuffle, and iPod Touch. Another exciting thing is the release of iOS 6 with the new iPhone 5. It's all very exciting.

We can't wait for to get the specs of the iPhone 5. We have gathered all the rumors and you can get a good understanding of what the iPhone 5 is Here. It is rumored to be more slick with a larger screen display that is supposed to counter the large display of the Samsung Galaxy SIII. It's shape is also to vary a little from the 4S and is going to be the most trending after the announcement.

Even though the iPad Mini is not going to be announced today, it will be announced in October there is still so much hype for the iPhone 5. You can watch the announcement live or at San Francisco. The timings are 10:00 A.M PT and 1:00 P.M ET. Don't miss it. Almost everyone is waiting for this new release.

The iPhone 5 is said to be released in stores at September 21st but to be sure we can only tell after the announcement. We will post the Specs and review once it is released.


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