The Power of AirPlay

AirPlay is another great feature of the Apple TV. AirPlay allows you to watch content from your iPhone, iPod, or iPad onto your HDTV or better speakers wirelessly. You can even mirror what's on your iOS device onto your large HDTV or listen to music on much better speakers. AirPlay allows you to do whatever you want on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad onto your HDTV via Apple TV.

What AirPlay can Do:

1. Streaming:
AirPlay allows you to watch movies, go through photos, and listen to music on the bigger HD screen or the better speakers. You can wirelessly use items from your iOS device to be played on your HDTV for everyone to see. It also makes everything more enjoyable and high tech. If you are watching a movie and the screen of your iPad just isn't enough, then AirPlay does it's job. Watch the same movie over and over again without getting bored. Use any AirPlay enabled app and you can enjoy a home theatre system. Come home from vacation and watch all your photos and videos on your HDTV and share it with everyone!

2. Mirroring:
Mirroring is another great feature in AirPlay. You see exactly what you can see on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad on the bigger screen with better speakers. You can sit there looking at the homescreen or showoff your gaming skills to your friends. Everyone can see and hear whatever you are doing on your iOS device. You can show spreadsheets, notes, safari web browsing, and everything that is on your iOS device. Work around the room with your iOS device while the rest of your friends or family watch on the HDTV. 

3. Speaker System:
Another feature included with AirPlay is the Speaker System. You can connect your iOS device with all the speakers in your house wirelessly. If you're having a party then you can play a song or movie on all the speakers in your house so that no one misses the fun. Or if you are working all around the house and want to listen to music, use AirPlay and never miss a word. 

4. Dual Screen:
This is one of the best features on AirPlay. You can have two screens at once. You can be playing a racing game and you can have the steering wheel and gears on your iPhone while you can see your car and the rest of the track on your HDTV. That's awesome isn't it? Or you can watch a movie on the widescreen and view the controls and time from your iPod. AirPlay does it all. 

AirPlay is a great thing to have and will make your experience better than ever! You won't need all those USB cables anymore, sell them onto eBay because you won't be needing them anymore. AirPlay will stream everything wireless onto your HDTV by using the Apple TV and your WiFi connection!


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