Make An Apple or Android App For Non Technical People

You might have visited the iOS App Store or the Android Market. There you can find thousands of Apps, some for free while others are paid. These people, or the creators of these apps earn money for each and every single download that they get. Read on to find out how you can make your own Apple or Android app, and then make a profit.

If you are not a technical person or someone who knows how to program, don't worry. That does not mean that you will have to miss out the chance to start making Android and Apple Apps. Anyone can start making Apps, but only if you are really dedicated to the job.

You have two options:

  1. Hire A Development Team
  2. Learn the Simple Techniques of How to Program

Hiring A Development Team:

Freelancing has become very popular over the last years and now if you need any kind of work done, you can always find other people to do it for you. To hire a development team you will have to hire individuals who specialize in freelance programming and freelance design. 

Join a Freelance website now and make your profile. Post your project and within days you will start receiving offers. Find the people that you think are perfect for the job and hire them. You will have to pay them after they finish the app, so that means you are making a small investment. Explain the kind and what type of app that you want. Explain the smallest of details to them. Hold discussions. Once you have the proper and full app that you had dreamed to make, you are now ready to give it to the App Store or Android Market. Send it over. They will review it and see if it is suitable or not. This is how you have other people developing apps for you!

Learn How to Create Apps Yourself:

There are some tools that help you develop these Android or Apple Apps. There are some very cheap eBooks and app development tutorials that you can use to start making apps yourself. I have some recommended tutorials for you that you can use to learn how to develop apps in days! Try these App Development Tutorials now!

Get these guides and you will be learning how to make money all by yourself. These will be much cheaper than hiring a development team. These two personally worked best for me. Now slowly and while showing dedication in your work start developing your app. Once it is made, you can share it with some friend or family member and check with them if it is alright.

Now it's time for you to select the price. If you think it's something extraordinary then you should make your app cost $3.5. If you think it's normal and something that will not stand out too much then make it $1.00 or $1.50. If you are planning to make more apps and get into the business, then it will be better if you get your first few apps free of cost as this will earn you some popularity and trust from your customers. Then start making free and paid versions of the same app.

Once you think you have the perfect app in your hand you can send it over to the App or Android Stores and they will review it. If you pass, then you have just started your way to making money!

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