Which Smartphone Should you Buy? iPhone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S3

When you get the money in your hands and want to choose a new smartphone, the two main competitors that you will find are the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3. The main differences are in the specs and the operating system of both devices.

iPhone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S3

The iPhone 5 runs it's own Apple iOS while the S3 runs Google's Android OS. If you find any of these OS's better than the other then your choice should be easy. The very familiar iOS interface is easy to use and very simple while on the other hand the Android interface includes widgets and shortcuts. Android is more creative and you can customize it more but then you get introduced to some complications. If you think the OS's are closely competed then you will have to check out the other specs and see which phone will then suit you.

The S3 has a large display, 4.8 inches to be exact. The iPhone 5 has increased its display size as well but it still is 0.8 inches smaller than the S3. The S3 weighs 132g while the iPhone 5 is 116g but you won't really feel too much of a difference. The iPhone 5 is made of glass and aluminium while the S3 is mostly plastic which makes the iPhone 5 look more luxurious but still that's not something that will change your decision. Battery life is also something that one would like to know about before purchasing a smartphone. Between the iPhone 5 and the S3, there is not much of a difference but to me the iPhone 5's battery always seemed one step ahead of the S3's battery. Another major difference between both devices is that the Samsung Galaxy has a removable battery and an SD card slot whereas the iPhone 5 has none of those two features. The S3 has a Quad Core 1.4 GHz processor and the iPhone 5 has a Dual Core 1.2 GHz processor making the S3 the more powerful device.

Apple and Google compete against each other in the battle between built in apps. Google Maps is a comprehensive navigation app but Apple tried to counter Google Maps but as we saw earlier, Apple pretty much failed. Siri competes with S voice but in my opinion Siri is a much better assistant. The camera specs are the same for both devices but the S3 features a new function in which the front camera detects your face and prevents the phone from sleeping or locking. 

The App Store Vs Android Market:

Without a doubt the Apples App Store is much larger than the Android Market and is the best Store for downloading mobile apps. The Android Market is catching up and has improved over the year. You will be able to find many popular apps on both stores but there are some apps like Orchestra that you can only download from the App Store. App Store is winning the race at the moment but Android will surely reach up to it's competitors level.


Now this is where many people change their minds. The Samsung Galaxy S3 came out a while before the iPhone 5 making it without a doubt cheaper. A new iPhone 5 32 GB without a plan will come for $850 dollars while the Samsung Galaxy S3 without a plan will come for $600. A $250 difference is a lot and might change a lot of peoples' mind. 


In the end the better phone is the one that suits you best. This question is unanswered till now and will always remain unanswered because of the closely competed battle. Both smartphones have their own pros and cons and you will have to sacrifice something for the other. Discuss below in the comment box about which one you think is better. 

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This is the roundup of both these devices. If you have any further questions please comment below. 

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