Want To Jailbreak iOS 6? Too Bad the Jailbreak is Not Here Yet

After the Christmas and New Year Holidays many people have been wanting to find a jailbreak for their new iPhone 5 that has iOS 6. People using jailbroken devices in the past have had many advantages over the non jailbroken users. They have used their device to the fullest. But now, with their new iPhone 5 having iOS 6 will have to live without the luxury of a jailbroken device, at least for a while.

The jailbreak for iOS 5 had been released around at this time of year. The Dev teams had worked really well then, but after this cat mouse chase that Apple has been playing with these hackers, and after all the success that these jailbreak gurus have had, Apple has really went next level and made iOS 6 a tough nut to crack. Some people also say that the future iOS 6.1 will be even harder, which makes all of us saddened.

Some popular hackers like David Wang etc. are saying that they have found the pieces to the puzzle, but they just can't put them together. Even though the jailbreak is still a bit far from now, the Dev teams are hopeful for the best. They advise that you don't update your iOS to 6.0.2 if you want to really jailbreak your iPhone 5 or any other device running on iOS 6. With them saying that, it seems like they are getting closer to the finish line, but all that we can do is wish them luck.

Most probably the jailbreak for iOS 6.0.1 will be compatible with iOS 6.0.2, but no one is sure yet, so if the update comes out anytime, we advise you to wait a while, and once the jailbreak is confirmed, and that it is compatible, then you should upgrade. But if you want to stay updated with the latest software, then you will have to sacrifice the jailbreak, but the jailbreak for iOS 6.1 will surely come out as well because of the experts sitting in the Dev Teams.

Just some advice from us, you will find many other people on the internet offering free jailbreaks etc. and explaining how they are experts that found that odd jailbreak. Trust me, they are all liars. They will do nothing at all besides ruining your software and infecting your device. These people sell jailbreaks and have already made lots of money through it, the thought of ruining so many peoples' devices just for the greed of one person is frightening. Until and unless a proper jailbreak comes out, don't mess with your valuable device. If you do ever happen to see somewhere on the internet that a proper jailbreak has been released, check back with us, we will have the jailbreak covered the day it comes out.

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