How to use VPN on iPhone, iPod, and iPad

Virtual Private Network is a safe and hidden way of surfing the net in a safe and private way. VPN helps you to surf the net in anonymity, and without risks of web attacks and hacking.

The use of VPN is especially efficient while using an iphone. The phone allows you to have access to the services. The VPN acts as an encrypted internet provider with a firewall that conceals the identity of its user, helps the user to unlock or bypass restricted firewalls, also access sites that have regional restrictions.

Most people may have the opinion that the VPN's are for hackers and experimental college kids, but this is not the case. As much as hackers will want to use the service, the network has time and gain proven to be quite helpful to simple citizens who simply want to access certain sites that they have been barred from accessing.

Here are simple steps to getting the VPN on your Iphone:

- Tap the settings icon
It will display the VPN option and will show whether it is connected or not. Tap on the General item

- Next will be the Network option, click on Network.
Once it shows the VPN item, tap on it.

It will bring the L2TP (Layer 2 Tunnelling Protocol), PPTP (Point- To Point Tunnelling Protocol) and IPSEC (Internet Protocol Security) as options. Iphone uses IPSEC so click on it or even the other options and follow instructions.Assuming you clicked on IPSEC, the dialog box will present you with some.

Information you need to fill. The description, your server, account and password and so on.Fill the description as vpn, the server as and the account as vpn. In the password option DO NOT ENTER PASSWORD.
The next step is the Group name, enter VPN.

Next you will be required to fill the Secret words and or numbers for full registration.
Then tap on the save button to complete the registration process. The vpn item will show as vpn custom.

The next step is to enable the vpn by clicking ON on the vpn function.
Enter user authentication as vpn then enter your password and tap on the OK button.

The status will show that you are connected.

The use of VPN's has been stirred and made to act in response to rising cases of site's access and restrictions, especially in institutions and work premises.


The use of VPN on Iphones and iPads makes it especially possible for anyone to access any kind of information from wherever they are without any risks of hackers and snoops. 
The VPN also enables aliens to acquire resident addresses in restricted sites and countries. Therefore, helping them to get into the sites and get the information they want. 

The best VPN service which is safe, secure and fast compared to proxys making the more reliable and efficient to private internet users. 

I, therefore, welcome you to enjoy you to use fast, private and safe surfing on you iphone as you sit in your class, behind your work desk or lie in a hotel bed.For more info visit


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