What you Should Do if your Device Crashes

Once your apple device starts getting old after a few months there are more chances that your device will ‘freeze.’ The term freeze here means that your device gets stuck wherever it is and you can’t do anything else. The home button will stop working, the sleep button will stop working, and the devices touch screen will become disabled. There is only one possible way to fix this problem.

Before I explain the solution to you, I will tell you the different reasons of why these apple devices start to slow down and eventually freeze. The reasons that cover the reasons of your apple device becoming frozen:

1. Long term usage: As your device starts getting old and loses it's warranty it will gradually slow down. When you have had your device for a longer period of time then you will naturally have more apps and games in your device. The more apps and games you have the lower amount of free memory is in your device. This leads to the device to slow down and freeze more often. Visit How to increase your system performance and learn how to keep your device from slowing down and freezing.

2. Low Memory: If you have a 16 GB device, make sure you have at least 3 GB free in your device so that your device can work smoothly and run properly. It has been observed that if you fill up your devices memory till the top, the device will become extremely slow and will not work normal.

3. Jailbreaking: Jailbreaking is the best thing you can ever do to your device, but like everything, it has it's advantages and disadvantages too. Jailbreaking gives your device absolute power, but it eventually slows down your device as a whole and will make your device freeze a lot more too. Now, I am not saying that the minute you jailbreak your device, your device will freeze. After a year or two, a jailbroken device will be more likely to freeze than a non jailbroken device. If you want to know more about jailbreaking and it's magic, along with the jailbreaking method, visit or if you want to learn about the pros and cons of a jailbreak then visit

4. Viruses: Everyone knows what viruses are, but the thing is that viruses can even enter onto your apple device through unknown or dangerous methods. Viruses can come into your device with anything that you enter in your device such as music, videos, and pictures. Whenever downloading or syncing anything in your device, make sure it has been scanned for viruses. Viruses act like small bugs and can destroy your whole device or destroy parts of it. Most viruses also make your device freeze.

These are the reasons why many Apple devices eventually freeze, but if you take good care of your device, then hopefully it will stay longer. But if your device eventually does freeze, then follow the following steps and your device will get back on track in just 3 minutes!

1. Once your device has frozen, you cannot change anything else or go anywhere else, meaning that your device needs to restart or reboot. This is not explained in the manual so listen carefully. Hold the sleep button ( the one at the top ) and the home button ( the one in the bottom middle ) and hold them for ten seconds. Your device will shut down, but make sure you don't leave the buttons.

2. Once your device shuts off, then it will restart. Once you see the Apple logo again, you may leave the sleep and home buttons. Your device will then automatically start.

3. Now your device will be unfrozen and will work properly and more efficiently. But every time your device will freeze, it's chances of freezing again will increase too. So always take good care of your device and make sure you do everything safely and properly.

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