Secret Feature: Moving and Deleting Apps

This is not actually secret anymore but when I was searching on Google the other day, I found out that many people don't know how to rearrange or edit their apps. So then I figured that I should answer this frequently asked question.

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After many people get lots and lots of apps onto their Apple device and get 3-4 pages full of apps, they would want to rearrange those apps and sort them into pages. For example, games on on one page, social media apps on another etc. Or if they want to delete apps that they don't want anymore and replace them with new apps. Moving apps from one page to another and deleting apps both are possible using an easy feature that Apple made for their users.

How to Move Apps:

You can easily move apps from one place to another by the following method. Tap and hold on an app for three seconds. Then all the apps will start shaking at their spots. When this happens, you are then allowed to move the apps. Drag the app you want to move to anywhere you want, to a different page or on the same page. Once your app reaches its destination, let go and other apps will make room for it. Now you can move apps to where ever you want. Press the home button after moving the apps and the apps will stop shaking. Now you can use your device normally.

How to Delete Apps:

Deleting apps will also be done in a similar manner. Again, tap and hold on the app that you want to delete. Once it starts shaking, you will be allowed to delete the chosen app. A small 'x' will appear in the top corner. Touch the 'x' and a confirmation message will appear. Click okay and your app will be deleted. Press the home button after deleting so that the apps stop shaking and you can use your device again.

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