The New iPad 3 Review and Specifications

The New iPad has been recently released and it has proved to be superior to the previous iPad 2. This device is a must buy if you have been in on tablets and will make you happy. With it's retina display, watching movies and playing games gives you the best experience that you can get with the new iPad.


1. Models:

The New iPad comes in two different models, the one with Wi-Fi and the one with Wi-Fi and Cellular. The cellular companies that support the iPad are AT&T and Verizon. Only these two companies will support the Wi-Fi and Cellular iPad.

2. Size and Weight:

The New iPad has good dimensions and also is light. The size and weight are perfect and are listed as follows:
1. The height is 9.50 inches
2. The width is 7.31 inches
3. 0.37 inches in depth
4. The weight is 1.44 pounds

3. Storage:

Both iPad models come in 1. 16 GB
2. 32 GB
3. 64 GB

4. Display:

1. Retina Display
2. 9.7 inch Widescreen multi-touch display with IMS system.
3. 2048 by 1536 pixel resolution making it have a 264 pixel resolution per inch!
4. Supports multiple languages in display simultaneously


The chip that is inside the New iPad is a Dual Core A5X Custom designed high performance with low battery usage on a chip with quad-core graphics


Has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. The cellular models each have a different cellular system according to their carriers ( AT&T and Verizon )

Cameras, Video Recording, and Photos:

1. 5 megapixel camera
2. Autofocus
3. Face Detection in Images
4. Video Stabilization
5. Tap to focus
6. Video Recording in HD
7. FaceTime Camera ( webcam )

Battery And Power:

1. Built in 42 Watt chargeable battery
2. 10 hours of listening to music, watching videos, and surfing the web ; 9 hours on a cellular network on a cellular models
3. Charging with the USB cable that comes with the device and is compatible for charging with PC or with a wall adapter connected into a power socket.

The New iPad has proven to be a success all round because of it's awesome features and compatibility. These specifications make sure that one will have a great experience with this brand new device. If you have any other problems visit and if you still have any questions, feel free to comment.

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