Jailbreaking iOS 5.1 - Step by Step Guide

iOS jailbreaking is crucial for the users of Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod so as to gain the root access to the operating system and thus get able to download additional apps, themes or extensions, which is otherwise restricted. It is just like breaking free your iOS from a jail. Now with the release of Absinthe 2.0 it is easy to jailbreak iOS 5.1 on Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod. These new jailbreaks have full compatibility with all iOS devices that are new.

Well jailbreaking iOS is kind of a risk that you take as you have to mess up with the default setting of Apple devices. But, if something goes wrong then you can put your device in DFU mode and reload OS once again. As of jailbreaking the iOS 5.1 on Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod, given below is the detailed procedure of achieving your purpose:

1. Firstly just remember that if anything goes wrong after your jailbreak your device, you can put it on a mode known as DFU and then reload the iOS for the device. It’s mandatory to know before you start with something else.

2. Now, coming to the we can say that jailbreaking with it is a much simpler and easy to know process that even tool old people or those who are not so tech-savvy can do it. You just have to know about the steps that you need to follow.

3. So as to start with your first step go to the Greenpoison website. When you access to the website then download the Absinthe 2.0 from there for the iOS.

4. Now connect the device (iPhone, iPad or iPod) that you wish to jailbreak to your PC. Open the iTunes menu and right click on the device that you need to jailbreak. From there select the back up in the menu. For a little while you will have to wait so that the backup is finished in a proper manner. When it is all done you can close the iTunes.

5. Now erase all the content and settings from your iOS device. In order to do that you just have to go to the ‘settings’ and then select ‘general’; in ‘general’ select the ‘reset’ option and then go for ‘Erase all content and settings’.

6. After removing the content and settings from your iOS device you have to open the Absinthe 2.0 on the OC and then detect the iOS device. Once the device has been identified and detected then you click on the jailbreak. The jailbreak process will start and take a few minutes to complete.

7. When you have completed the jailbreak process then you may close the Absinthe 2.0. Now launch again the iTunes and right click on the device name that appears on itself. This time you have to select ‘restore from backup’. By selecting the backup you can restore your iOS device.

8. Do let your iOS device to restore and finish syncing before you disconnect it from the PC. After the restore has been completed you get the jailbroken iOS device. Add to it all the apps and info that were in it before.

Following all these steps and taking the help of Absinthe you can have fun with the kind of applications that you would like to have on your iOS devices, be it iPad, iPod or iPhone. Later you can thank Absinthe for fulfilling the purpose. Just remember the first step if something goes wrong with your device after your jailbreak it.

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