How to increase System Performance-iPhone & iPod

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After your device gets more than 5 months old your device starts to slow down and is not as fast and smooth as it used to be in the beginning. After  one and a half years the device starts to literally slow down and by slow down I mean that it does not work properly and apps etc open slower than before. This means that your system performance has decreased.

Most people do not tolerate slow speeds and the overall experience with the certain device becomes negative. Slow system performance also annoys and irritates many people. Apple devices are so expensive and when they start to slow down or don’t act normal, they make their users think that they have wasted their money. If you want to buy a new iPhone or iPod, buy them from the sidebar at the right of this page. Those ones are trusted and are guaranteed to work.

There are many different ways to make your device’s speed faster and to make it function properly. Follow all of the advice that is given below and your device will be as good as new.
1. Close all the apps that are being multi-tasked by your device. Close all the multimedia that is performing in the background.

2. For example, if you have a device with a storage of 16 GB then make sure at least 3-4 GB is still free and not occupied. The more memory that is used, the slower your device will perform.

3. If your device has been jailbreaked and has winterboard themes on it, reset the springboard or change your theme. For the fastest performance, it is best if you remove a theme as themes are usually the main things that bring problems for most devices.

4. Many people like to keep many pages of their home screen full of apps. Some people arrange their pages according to different categories. The truth is that the more pages that your home screen has, the slower your device will become. It is recommended that you don’t keep more than 3 pages.

5. After jailbreaking your device it is commonly known that your device will slow down. So if your device is too slow it is recommended that you restore your device so that the jailbreak finishes and so that your device will back up and become faster.

Follow all the steps to increase your devices performance speed. There will be no sudden change by applying any of the steps. Your device will start to gradually speed up. Once you have followed most of the points, make sure you restore your device so that the positive effect will become better. For jailbreaking your device visit

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