How to install apps from the app store- iPhone and iPod Tutorials

Last time I told you about the two popular devices, the apple products, iPhone and the iPod. Now I am going to tell you about how you can install spectacular apps from the inbuilt app store. To get apps from the app store, you need to have an iTunes account first which can be made from the device or from your computer. For making iTunes, you will need to give your name, address, and PayPal email. PayPal is the method of paying for all the paid apps. After you make an iTunes account, you are then ready to install various apps from the app store.

Now the process to install apps is very very easy. One you open the app store you can see a search box at the top and different categories under the search. Apps are applications which can be either games or anything else regarding use in daily life. Most of the apps are to be paid but there are some exceptions and you can get apps for free, but even then you need an iTunes account. If you have any specific app in your mind, you can search it  in the search box or if you want to browse the store, go to the different categories listed above. You can also choose categories likes Top 25, Top grossing apps, and Top free apps. Choose them and then see all the apps according to their ratings.

Now what do you have to do once you like an app and want it? Touch the arrow once you open up the description for the app. That will lead to the downloading and installing of the app. You won't see anything happen there immediately, but if you press the home button you will see an app getting downloaded on the main screen. That will be the app that you had chosen. There will be a small bar under it showing you how much of the installment has completed and how much is still left. Once the bar finishes, your app can be started. How did you pay for the app? Your payment had been automatically made by PayPal when you chose to install. You can get as many apps as you want as long as you have money in your PayPal account!

This is a very easy and rather simple method. Follow me and subscribe to see more tutorials about these two fabulous devices. In my next post I will post about how to jailbreak your device.

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