Reasons to Buy an iPhone, iPod, or iPad

In this post, I am going to tell you why you should buy one of the two apple products, iPhone,iPad, and iPod. Basically in this post I am going to tell you why these two apple products will cause a big change to your daily life in a positive way.

First of all let me explain you the difference between an iPhone, iPod, and iPad. iPhone,iPad, and  iPod  have the same software, hardware, and firmware. They are almost the same thing. They are devices that can play and store multimedia, surf the internet, and play or use different apps which are downloaded from the inbuilt appstore. The only big difference between these devices is that an iPhone has the ability to make calls and send and receive text messages like a regular cell phone, but the iPod has this ability missing. The iPad is simply just a bigger iPod. An iPod is unable to call, send, and receive text messages. In an iPod and iPad you are not able to insert a SIM card unlike the iPhone. And iPhone is a regular cell phone with an inbuilt iPod.

Why has Apple Inc created this difference between these devices. This has not really been explained anywhere but it's obvious that some parents don't want their children to have phones with them, but at the same time they want their kids to enjoy the marvelous features that these apple devices hold. In many areas, an iPod is much cheaper than an iPhone too but an iPhone and iPad price are nearly the same. This is also a major reason why Apple Inc. has created a difference between these devices. Otherwise, these advices are the same from outside and inside. The iPhones and iPods have the same models and they have started from 1G and now have reached 4G ( G stands for generation ). iPods had started way before an iPhone came out but they were mainly used as MP3 players ( e.g iPod Nano ).

These devices hold tremendous abilities and can easily attract users from all around the world to get their hands on it. The iPhone is one of the best selling smart phones today. From these devices you can play multimedia ( songs, videos and photos ), play games after installing, and use different useful apps that help and make ones daily life easier with cool apps such as alarm clock, notes, email and with its inbuilt internet browser, Safari. You can also download other cool apps from the inbuilt apple appstore and each app will have its own spectacular purpose.

The iPhone, iPod, and iPad are very expensive devices and many people can't afford them that easily. If you legally use these devices, by downloading multimedia and apps they can take a lot of money from you. But if you use them illegally then you can get paid multimedia and apps for free by Jailbreaking ( hacking your device for free downloads )

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