How to reboot your iDevice when you have forgotten your passcode

A lot of users who use the two apple devices, the iPhone and iPod forget their passwords and then don't know what to do. This is a frustrating matter, I agree. But there is a very easy way to get it back unlocked. If you ask other people, they will say you have to restore it, but its impossible to do that because when you connect it to iTunes, iTunes will ask the password and if you don't know it, you are unable to restore.

Follow the steps below and then your device will go into recovery mode. The only way to get your iPhone or iPod is to put it into recovery mode.

1. Disconnect your device from your computer but leave the USB cable plugged in.
2. Launch iTunes
3. Press and hold the sleep button ( on the top ) and the Home button ( in the bottom middle ) and keep holding them. If the ' Turn off Power' screen comes ignore it and keep on holding the two buttons. After you do this your device will go off itself.
4. While holding the two buttons connect your device with the USB cable which should be plugged in into your computer. This will make your device turn on but don't leave the Sleep and Home buttons.
5. Keep holding them until a notice opens up on iTunes telling you that your device is in Recovery Mode.

iphone recover mode detected

Now that it is in Recovery mode you have to restore the device.
6. From the summary in iTunes restore your iPhone/iPod

You have successfully restored your device. This means that everything has been erased, including your password. Once the restore is done you can sync all your media from iTunes back into your device. If you don't want to erase all the files during the restore, it is impossible. Completely impossible. You have to restore it which erases everything from your device.

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- Shahmeer Khan

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