Secret Feature Screenshot - iPhone, iPod, and iPad

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These apple devices, the iPhone and iPod, they have lots of secret features and today I am going to tell you about the feature of a screenshot which can be taken through your device in a very simple procedure.

Lots of times we see certain things in our device being it on the internet or anything else that we want to keep a record of it and don’t want to lose it such as jailbreaking. You might want to save something during the procedure and at that time you can take a screenshot of it.

Taking screenshots is not common to many people  who own these devices. Screenshots are not even mentioned in the User Manual. To take a screenshot you have to press the sleep button ( on the top ) and the home button ( at the bottom middle ). Press these two buttons exactly at the same time and your screen will blink. That means you have taken the screenshot.

What do you have to do once you have taken the screenshot? Now your screenshot has been saved in your ‘ Photos ‘ app in your device. All your screenshots will be saved in a new album called ‘ Saved Photos ‘. Then you can use these like any other photo.

This is the only way to record what  is on your iPhone/iPod’s screen. 

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