Best Apps and Games on the App Store

Once you get an apple account or jailbreak your device, you will want to use your account or jailbreak to the fullest and will want to get the best apps and games for your iPod or iPhone. I will list some of the popular apps and games that almost every apple user would want to have. If you want to learn how to jailbreak ( get free games and apps ) then go to

The places where you can most likely find these apps and games are on the app store and installous. For some useful apps look at the list below.

Popular Apps:

1. Facebook, Twitter, and Google + apps. These are great apps if you want to social network from your device.
2. Football News, Cricinfo, and Basketball News for great sports updates according to the sport.
3. iFitness : Great app for keeping you fit including some great exercises.
4. CNN : The best news app. Get all the latest news from all over the world through this great app.
5. NetFlix : Want to watch movies? NetFlix will show you them but the movies are paid.
6. ImDb : Another great app for movies. Some movies are paid and others are free. This includes trailers.
7. Google Earth : It will give you everything related to maps and you can see the whole world and features.
8. Amazon : Online market for buying and selling. Everything can be sold or bought.
9. Photoshop Express : Edit your photos. Apply different sketches and add more features to your photo.
10. Skype : Free messaging and calling between skype accounts. The best IM app in the world!
11. Crackle : Watch movies absolutely for free!
12. Talking Tom : An awesome app that has a cat known as Tom. Tom will repeat whatever you say and will mock you. You can also play with Tom. A great little addicting app!

The following are games that I personally like and recommend you to play them too.

Popular Games:

1. Traffic Rush
2. Topple 2
3. Angry Birds
4. Cube Runner
5. Fruit Ninja
6. Stunt Bike
7. Doodle Jump
8. Zen Bound
9. Space Ninja
10. Rolando 2
11. Pac Man
12. Need For Speed Shift
13. Pocket God
14. Geo Defense Swarm
15. Field Runners
16. Where's My Water
17. Cut The Rope
18. Infinity Blade II
19. Temple Run
20. Tap Glider

These are one of the best Apps and Games that you can find and install on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. To get the most out of your device, try all these apps and then see which ones suit you!

- Shahmeer 

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