How to Sync iPhone & iPod with iTunes

Today I will tell you how to add songs from iTunes to your iPhone or iPod. This is a very easy process and some people get stuck here. First of all, you should know what iTunes is. iTunes is a software that has to be downloaded from the internet. To download the latest version of iTunes click Here.  iTunes is a media player which is compatible with apple products only. In iTunes you have collections of songs, videos, and apps that are in your device. Through iTunes, you store songs and then transfer all the media from iTunes into your apple device safely.

Now a question will arise in many peoples mind that how you can store songs in iTunes? The answer is that you have to download different files from the internet and save them in your computer. If you don’t know how to download, I will explain it in the next paragraph. Once you save the files in your computer you open them and copy them onto iTunes. Once they are in iTunes you sort them to your liking and then via the USB cable that comes with your device you sync ( transfer ) all the songs into your device. The procedure will be explained in the following paragraphs.

If you already know how to download songs, skip this paragraph and the points below. To download songs you have to go to certain downloading websites such as or . Through these websites you can save ( download ) various files from the internet into your computer. For beemp3 you don't need to make an account but for 4shared you have to sign up. These are the easy steps:

1        Search the file that you want in the Search Box

2       One the files open up, click on any one of them

3       A new window will open and you will have to wait for a specific amount of time ( 20-40 seconds)

4       Once you wait, it will say click here to download. Click there and a new window will open

5       That window will have two options, Run and Save. Choose save and then choose where you want the file to save inside your computer ( in a certain folder )

Once you have downloaded the files you want to add to your device open up iTunes. iTunes will be rather empty if you have not added any files before. Now you want to know how to add files to iTunes. Go to the folder in which you had saved the downloaded files in. Have both windows open in front if you. Now drag the files from the folder and place them in the ‘Music Heading’ in iTunes. They will then turn by turn appear in the music section. If you double click on them the song will start playing. If you have multiple songs that you want to store in iTunes then you can highlight all the files from inside your folder and then copy them. Once they are copied open iTunes and then paste them over there. This is an alternate method. From iTunes you can manage all your downloads with ease.

Now you would want to transfer all these downloaded files into your device. To do this first you have to connect your device into the computer via the USB cable that comes along with your device. Once its connected, iTunes will detect the device and on the left side ( in the iTunes window ) your device will be listed there ( you can also change the name of your device ). Click on your device. A new window will open. On the bottom of the page on the right side there will be a button saying Sync. Click on the Sync button and then all your files will start to be transferred into your iPhone or iPod.

You will have to wait around 3-7 minutes for the sync to complete. On your devices’ screen it will be written slide to cancel. If you have forgotten something or want to cancel the sync you can cancel it from there. Once the Sync is complete you can disconnect your device and then through the device open the Music app. Over there you will see all the music files that you had just synced and now you can easily play them!
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-         - Shahmeer Khan

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