The Power of iCloud in iPhone, iPod, and iPad

Another feature that was released with Siri is the iCloud. Both of these features are great apps that save you time and makes everything easier. In simple words, iCloud is an app that let's you move most of your stuff that is on Apple Device, to all the other Apple Devices you own.

Exactly what is iCloud?

iCloud is a new feature that let's users that have multiple Apple Devices let it be iOS, Mac, or Apple TV can share stuff that is saved on one device with all other devices. It's kind of hard to under stand though. For example, if you take a picture with your iPhone, then that picture will also automatically appear on your iPad or any other devices that you have. This will also happen with multiple devices if you have them. iCloud works with numerous apps that are in your Apple Device. Every new device you will buy from now on will have iCloud installed in it. You have to sign in to iCloud using your Apple ID and it is totally free! This is not it, iCloud can also do lots more with you Apple Devices.

What apps does iCloud work with?

1. Photo Stream:
You can easily take a picture with your iPhone when your on vacation and the moment you take the picture, that same picture will appear on your Mac at home or any other device that you have registered with iCloud. Even if you save a picture from the internet or sync them with a computer, those pictures will be automatically synced to all your Apple Devices.

2. Documents Always With You:
All of your documents will always be with you. All your notes etc. If you start writing a document on your iPod Touch the same document will be typed onto your iPad. You can start an assignment in your iPhone and complete it at home with your Mac and the best thing is that all the edits and attachments will be readily saved on your devices.

3. Keep Apps With You:
Once you buy an app, that app will never leave you. Buy an app on your iPad, and that app will then wirelessly go to the rest of your iOS and Mac devices. This will save you money and heaps of time, through iCloud, you won't have to connect both devices with iTunes to transfer purchases. Another thing is that if you have an iPod touch and it get's lost, your new iPod touch can have the same purchases that were made before downloaded into your new iPod touch for 100% free of cost because you had already bought it. This saves people from buying an app twice for different devices.

4. Never Put Down a Book
Using iBookstore, which is compatible with iCloud, you will never have to put down a book. Read it anywhere you want. All you need is your iOS device. Once you purchase a book from the iBookstore that book will automatically be synced with all your iOS devices. All your bookmarks, notes, and highlighted text will always be saved. Start reading a book on your iPhone while waiting at the doctors, and then come home and continue reading on your iPad. It's as simple as that.

5. Calender, Mail, and Contacts always up to date:
Your calender will always be on all your Apple Devices. You can edit, remove, or add as much as you want and all your devices will be updated automatically. Emails will be received by all devices so that you can give quick responses and so that you never skip or miss an email by mistake. Edit, remove, or add contacts to your iPod Touch, and then those contacts will be automatically edited on all your iOS devices.

6. Back Up and Restore:
Everyday when your device is connected to a power outlet, all of your devices that are connected to iCloud will sync with each other and back each other up. This way, none of your information get's deleted or wasted. If by accident you do delete something, your other devices will simply back the device up and all the lost content will be backed up in moments.

7. Find Your Device:
If you ever lose your device while moving here and there, or if it ever gets stolen, you can always locate it using iCloud. Login to iCloud or use the 'Find my iPhone' app from a different device. Then the map will open and your device will be shown to you. This is a very simple procedure and has proved to be quite useful. 

8. Find my Friends:
You can use the Find my Friends app and see where and what your friends are doing. You can use this for family too. It is a very helpful app. Parents can see when your kids reach home from school. And if sometime you don't want to be found by someone else, you can turn your location off at a single swipe of a switch. It is really that easy!

iCloud has proved to be a great success along with it's released partner, Siri. This is why the iPhone has become increasingly popular among everyone. Technology and Science is improving every day. Subscribe to us using the subscribe button on the right to find out about more releases and news. 

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