The Power of FaceTime in iPhone, iPod, and iPad

FaceTime is another fantastic built in app that was released with iOS 5 which came with the 4th Generation iPhone. It was introduced with Siri, iCloud, and iMessage These features are what made the release of the iPhone 4 a success.

Using FaceTime, you can be somewhere when you are actually not. It's all done through a simple tap. Move from one place to another, or be at two places at the same time! Within a single tap, start video talking with anyone in the world! Talk to anyone that has an iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Mac!

FaceTime allows all the users of  Apple Devices to video chat with each other using Wi-Fi. It's just like you are video chatting with each other from webcam to webcam! Talk to anyone on your contacts list at anytime of day. FaceTime is totally free and there is no limit to it. Enjoy unlimited video calling and chatting. All you need is an Apple ID. The rest is simple and easy to use. FaceTime has been made user friendly and even a three year old kid can connect to anyone!

Activating FaceTime is very very easy. Open the FaceTime app and choose whoever you want to talk to from your contacts list, or just tell Siri to do it for you. When you choose the person you want to chat with, he then receives a FaceTime call and can either accept the call or decline it. Once the person on the other side accepts, the two of you are hooked up with each other. Talk all day long if you have to! Suppose you are talking from iPhone to iPhone, you can just tap the FaceTime button on the screen to enable video chat. Apple has made life much easier.

Another great feature is that you can use both cameras for video chatting. The FaceTime camera located above the display and the camera on the back right next to the LED flash. If you want to talk face to face or want to hold a personal meeting, you can activate portrait mode that enables the use of the FaceTime camera. If you want to celebrate a birthday or want to enjoy a ball game together, you can use the landscape mode that activates the camera on the back so that you can stay connected and share every moment that passes. You can even change cameras during a FaceTime call by tapping on the camera change button on the display. It's simple, fast and easy!

Apple has created so many great features till now. The 4th Generation was a total success and we couldn't expect any better. FaceTime makes the user experience the best as possible and has made lives easier!


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