Best Siri Alternatives For Android

Siri was released with the iPhone 4S and has proved to be a success. Siri is only available for iPhone and all the Apple users are very pleased. Siri is one of the best features of the iPhone. Android smartphone users could only watch in envy until these 4 alternatives were introduced. Even though, they can't exactly be a real alternate to Siri because there is no real competition as Siri is much better, but these apps are good enough and you can use them until better updates come out which will make them fairly identical to Siri.

All the following apps can be found on the Android market or Google Play. They are:

1. Skyvi:
Skyvi is known as one of the best alternatives to Siri. It has good voice recognition and will reply to whatever you say, being it a command or anything else. It has great features. If you say a rare name you can tell Skyvi to save the name and then next time you take the same name Skyvi will remember the saved name and then carry out the function. One of the best things people like about Skyvi is that it can read out your Facebook wall and your twitter too. And it says everything out loud. It has a good hands free mode. You can ask it anything and all the answers will be powered by Wolfram Alpha.

2. Iris:
Iris is another great alternative too. It has a simple interface and is very easy to use. You can tell it different commands as well. It's name can explain the whole story too. Spell Iris backwards and see what you get. Iris was released 8 hours after the original Siri was. Another good thing about it is that it has answers to most questions. Although it is not a competitor to Siri, but it's not half bad and is worth a try.

3. Vlingo Virtual Assistant:
Vlingo is another great app. This app has a more High Tech interface and is more formal. You can give it standard commands and has a good hands free system. The only problem to it is that it only understands English names. If you have some unusual contact name it will not understand the contact name and therefore you cannot give proper commands. It does not have a save name feature like Skyvi does. So if you live in an English Speaking country then Vlingo fits you well.

4. Speaktoit:
Speaktoit is also worth a try. This app is animated and is able to be customized. A man or woman acts as your personal assistant and takes commands from you. You can customize your personal assistant and can change his/her gender, hair, skin color etc. Customizing the character will not change anything in the app and will only be there as a paper doll. If you ask it some very broad questions then it will simply reply that he/her doesn't know. This is another great alternative app to Siri.

You should try all these apps and see which one works best for you. Personally, I prefer Skyvi and Iris but this may vary among person to person. In the comment box below, share if you know about any other Voice Recognition app and tell me which app above worked best for you!

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