Best Winterboard Themes

Life is all about customization and your life goes according to you. You can change it any way you want. In the same way, once you jailbreak your device and get winterboard, you can start customizing your device to the fullest into any way you want. You can choose the background wallpaper on the homescreen, choose the front cover of different apps, and change the sounds. Change it however you like.

There are thousands of themes on Cydia, and many people just can't find what they want, they just don't know which theme is the perfect one. It's just like when people find it difficult to choose a ringtone, choosing a theme can at times become a pain in the neck. The following are some of the best themes that I think are the best themes of Cydia.

1. Glassorb:
This is the best theme that I have seen till now. It is just fantastic. Everything is crystal clear and all the apps on the homescreen are in a small orb shape. The background is silver and there are awesome app covers too. The best thing about this theme is the dock. One of the best till now.

2. Bookshelves Theme:
This theme is a close competitor to Glassorb. Each line of apps on the homescreen are placed onto a virtual shelf. This theme matches the iBookstore app perfectly. Apps are placed just like you place books on a shelf. This is a very simple theme and will work very well with most people. Bookshelves theme is a very simple elegant theme for those who don't want much change to their springboard. 
3. iOS:
Yup, that's the name, this one has a completely different interface. It has two docks, one on the bottom and the other on the right. It's pretty simple and will give the iOS users a change. It will be something new to look at once you get bored with the look of your Apple Device. You won't find another theme like this on Cydia so make sure you at least try this theme. It might suit you well!

4. GlassKart HD:
This is also another good theme. It gives all your apps and the homescreen a glass look making everything seem like it has a glass touch in it. The theme is transparent and therefore will suit any kind of wallpaper that you choose behind. It makes the interface seem like it's more swift and elegant. It gives a special look to the icons and the slider as well, making the user experience the best it can be.

5. eXplos1on HD:
This theme is truly jaw dropping. This theme will customize almost your whole iOS. From icons to keyboard, almost everything will be changed. It's shocking and a perfect choice for those who like relatively dark themes. Stand amazed at this theme. It gives your Apple Device a more 'cooler' look. It's really worth the download. Be warned though, this is quite a huge theme and will take a lot of memory. 

These are the best themes that I have found on Cydia that I actually loved. I will update the list once I find more. If you know about another great theme, don't hesitate to leave your suggestion in the comment box below. 


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