Find Your Lost iPhone using Find my iPhone

Have you lost your iPhone? Or are you afraid that it might get misplaced. Apple Devices are expensive and it's natural that one will panic if his/her device either gets lost or stolen. If you travel a lot or are one of those people who forget where they left their phone then you will not have to worry anymore.
You won't have to search all over your place or try to locate your SIM card. You won't need to go crazy looking for your iPhone in your house like you do with the T.V remote because Apple has made an awesome app that helps you track your lost or stolen device using iCloud.

Apple released the app 'Find My iPhone' with the iPhone 4S and this app allows you to locate your iPhone from anywhere in the world and also allows you to do lots more when your iPhone is not with you. All you need is an iPhone that has iCloud and an iCloud account which is absolutely free! The way 'Find my iPhone' works is that it shows your misplaced iPhone on a map.

Where will you see the map that shows your iPhone? That's easy, you can see where your iPhone is my going to using your PC or Mac or using a different Apple Device to see where your device is located at. If your are on a computer, then go to and sign in. Then from there select 'Find my iPhone' and after a few seconds your device's location will be showed on a map. Alternatively you can also use another Apple device be it your own or a friends and then find your iPhone. To use an Apple Device to find your iPhone you will have to go to the 'Find my iPhone' app on the other Apple Device and then locate your phone. Again, a map will appear showing your iPhone's location. But for this you will need to have activated 'Find My iPhone' on the device that you have lost.

How Do I Activate Find My iPhone?
There is a simple answer to that question. Go to settings from inside your iPhone. From there you will see an option written iCloud. Go to that setting and from there you will be able to activate 'Find My iPhone'. As simple as that!

Extra Features in 'Find My iPhone'

Sound: If your device is near you in the same building as you and you still can't seem to find it, you can easily enable sound so that you can know exactly where your iPhone is. Sound will play a ringtone so that you can easily find your iPhone from under a pile of papers, above a closet, or under the couch!

Display Message: If you have lost your iPhone and suspect that someone else might have found it and took it then you can display a message on the lockscreen. This message can tell the person who sees your device what to do with it. For example, you could write 'If you have my iPhone then please call *example number*'. You can write whatever you want.

Set up a Lock: If you don't have a passcode and you don't want anyone to access your device, you can easily set up a passcode using 'Find My iPhone'. The passcode will be set on your lost iPhone and the person that has it will not be able unlock your device.

Erase All Data: If you become hopeless and have no chance that you can get your iPhone back, then you can wipe all your data. Your device will be restored and it will be at factory settings. Make sure you only do this when you have no hope of retrieving your device because if you erase all data then 'Find My iPhone' will no longer work.

'Find My iPhone' has proved to be a very helpful app and therefore is a great success. Comment and share your experiences!


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