5 Time Saving iPhone Keyboard Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts

People that text, email, or write notes will need to know all the shortcuts, tricks, and tips for faster typing so that you can save a huge amount of time. If you type like you are wearing gloves, or you are a one finger typer, you can use the following tricks and shortcuts to enhance your user experience and type much faster than before.
These tricks will help those who are new to the platform or have not had the time to experiment the Apple keyboard yet. Apple has designed the keyboard in a great way and have made typing on the keyboard as easy as possible. Below are tips from language to typing shortcuts for beginners to advanced users. If you have discovered any other secrets from using the keyboard on your own iDevice, then make sure you leave the tip in the comments.

1. Adding a Language:

If you are a someone that uses a language other than English, then adding an International Keyboard will allow you to start typing in many foreign languages. You can easily activate the language on the keyboard and change the language at any time.

From the home, go to settings. From settings head on to General and then tap Keyboards. At the Keyboards menu you will see the last option called 'International Keyboards'. Tap that and from there you can choose a second language from the whole list of languages as showed in the example below. 

To activate the International keyboard when you are typing, hit the little globe icon next to the spacebar on the left. Once you tap the icon, your whole keyboard will change into the specified language.

2. Quickly Add A Period or Fullstop:

When you are typing fast, it's always takes time to press the 123 button select the period and then press the ABC button to return to the alphabet. Instead of this long procedure, you can add the period or fullstop while you are at the ABC keyboard. 

To add the period in no time just double tap the spacebar and the period will appear automatically and you can begin the new sentence right away. This trick is enabled by default but just to check if it is on, go to Settings and then in General. From General go to Keyboards and you will see the "." Shortcut option. Make sure it is on to make sure that this trick will work for you. You can see the example below.

Now you are only a double tap on the spacebar away from adding a period or fullstop during your texting, messaging, or writing your notes!

3. Insert Punctuation Quickly:

As you learned how to add a period or fullstop quickly in the last step, you can add any type of punctuation instantly. All you have to do is hold the 123 button and without removing your finger or thumb a popup will appear with all the punctuation symbols. Select any one and then release your finger. That punctuation mark will automatically be added. 

You will be at the ABC keyboard because you never moved away!

4. Change .com to other Domains

Apple has placed a a handy .com button on the keyboard when you are surfing the web using Safari. You can quickly add the the suffix .com by just tapping it. But from all the billions of websites and blogs on the internet, not all addresses end with .com. You would need to add other domain names at the end of the address on a regular basis. Now with the new shortcut released you can easily change the domain suffix. 

All you have to do is tap and hold the .com button and a variety of domain names appear for you to choose from. Slide over to the one you want to choose and voila, you have just used the domain suffix shortcut!

5. How to Undo Typing:

Suppose you are in a hurry and with your mind somewhere else you just wrote a sentence in total Gibberish and it does not make any sense. Now, instead of holding the back button to erase each and every letter or to avoid erasing extra letters you can easily undo the previous writing. This is is a pretty simple procedure but it saves heaps of time.

All you have to do is shake your device and a new popup will appear. It will allow you to either undo typing or cancel if you on accident shook your device. To undo all your nonsense just tap Undo Typing and the previous sentence will be completely erased.

These are some basic shortcuts, tricks, and tips that you need to use in order to type faster an more accurately. If you have discovered any other shortcuts while using your device, don't hesitate to share it with us in the comments.


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