The Power of Siri in the iPhone

Siri is a revolutionary app that was released with the iPhone 3GS in 2010. From then Siri has improved in various ways making the experience with an iPhone maximized. Siri, an inbuilt app is why most people like to buy Apple Devices. This cool app makes lives easier.

What is Siri?

Siri is an app that makes your iPhone into a talking phone, literally into a talking phone. You speak with Siri and Siri replies. Siri is your iPhone, and you can talk to your iPhone in many ways. It's a voice command service that detects voice input and converts it into different commands. Siri acts like your personal assistant. You can tell it to do almost anything you want. It will provide you with authentic information too. It works with most of the built in apps that come with the iPhone. Currently, Siri is in the iPhone 4S.

For what things can I use Siri for?

Siri can be used to:

  • Add Reminders
  • Change Music
  • Make a Phone Call
  • Tell your location and give you information of nearby places
  • Can set alarms
  • Can use Internet Search
  • Open email
  • Write text messages
  • Make Notes
  • Add new contacts
  • Tell you the weather report of upcoming days
  • Find Friends
  • Check Stocks
With so many things to do, Siri becomes a must have app and comes onto many peoples wishlist.

How to Activate Siri:

Siri can be activated at any time. Activating it is very quick, simple, and easy. You can either hold the home button until you hear two beeps or put your phone to your ear just like you are talking to someone and then wait for two beeps. After you hear the beeps that means Siri is activated.

Can Siri understand whatever I say:

Siri can understand almost everything that you say to it. Siri does have a habit of asking questions. If it doesn't understand a statement, then it will ask you many questions so that everything is clear and so that nothing can be wrong. You don't even have to speak very slowly either. Speak naturally with your regular tone and Siri will understand you. The more you use Siri the better it becomes. It has special algorithms that remember your accent and tone and adjusts itself with the user so that the user won't have to adjust with Siri.

Touch screens had come out about 3 years ago and since then most smartphones were touch. Now with voice recognition, a new era of technology has been released so that humans' lives become much easier. Voice recognition will be in use until Apple or Google releases Mobile Telekinesis, which I think will come in the next decade or so. 

What are your opinions of Voice recognition and Siri, please express your opinions in the comment box below.

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