Improve Photo Quality for your iPhone, iPod, or iPad

Apple has released a high 5 megapixel camera for all their latest Apple Devices. This camera is one of the best that you can find in smartphones. But, for the camera to be optimized and work to the fullest you will have to use the following tricks for the best camera usage and user experience.

1. Hold Camera for two seconds after taking the picture:
Many people don't know this but it is best to keep the camera completely still, without any movement two seconds after taking the picture to avoid blur and slightly moved pictures. Hold the camera in its place after you hear the click. This will also improve camera quality. The device will be able to capture the image better as well as make sure everything is in it's place. The camera becomes more stable as well and pictures that you will take later will also show slight improvements.

2. Touch to Focus:
Apple introduced the touch to focus with the iPhone 3GS. This is a very useful feature and makes the main object more sharp and clear. Touch the main place where you want your camera to focus and that place will be marked with a box. That will be the place where the main focus will be. This makes picture quality much better. The better area that you will focus on, the better overall picture will be taken. Usually, the place where you should focus is the middle of the picture, but this is not necessary at all times.

Hold the Device still:
This is a basic tip that almost everyone knows but it is not given the priority that it needs. Holding the camera as still as possible will make picture quality better in all ways. Even try holding your breath to avoid even the slightest movement. Holding the device still will make sharper images and better boundaries. If you on accident move the device while taking the picture, then the picture will turn out blur and proper shapes will not be shown.

Proper Zoom:
Proper zoom is a ,major factor in iPhone photography or any photography in this case. Take proper zoom that matches and works well with what you are going to focus on. If you are taking a group photo, then it is better to have a much less zoom than when you are taking a picture of a person alone. In the case of a group picture, make sure everyone is inside and then focus on the person in the middle. If you are taking a picture of a person who is alone, then focus on his/her face and make sure that the zoom is working well with the focus.

These are some tips that you should know if you want some good clicks from your iDevice. The Apple Devices can take great pictures and using these tricks you can improve quality to the fullest and have the best user experience that can be. Comment in the box below and share any other experiences that you have had or if you know of any other trick that can help improve picture quality.


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